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    Hello, and greetings to Tom, David, Lee and the great GP community. I’m glad to work with GeneratePress and glad to make the right decision for its code, straightforward and professional look, aesthetics and speed (and the lack of bloat!)

    My problem is a general one. When I select “Post List” page I’ve created with WPShowPosts shortcode for My Posts page in WP Reading Settings, it does not show the content (WPSP page), but some default WordPress Blog Posts page with my posts. I am unable to edit it and could not see any content there.
    So to be able to display Post List page created with WPShowPosts I need to deselect it in My Posts page in WP Reading Settings or leave it “open” (Could affect SEO and visitors?).

    Might this be possibly caused by some conflicts with home.php, index.php or something related?
    I am switching to GPP from MusicClub Theme in staging at Siteground after I had imported all content and settings from it. Could be that my previous theme (MusicClub) which has a few custom post types caused some impact on WP and GP settings?
    Before that I did not select any page for My Posts, just had a link to a Blog page in Menu.
    I thought this is not a specific WPShowPosts related subject but more some general WP so posted it here. Searched the web but could not find an answer to this except this
    Here is what I’m cooking.

    I would appreciate your help. Thanks in advance,

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    The Blog ( ie. the one you set in Settings Reading for displaying posts ) uses a custom function to display the output. It cannot be edited like a regular page.

    To create the blog in WPSP:

    1. Create a static page for your WPSP shortcodes and assign this to your Menu items.
    2. DO NOT set a page for your blog in Settings Reading.
    3. (OPTIONAL) create WPSP Archive pages is covered here:



    Thank you David for the quick reply!

    Now I won’t have any doubts:)

    And thanks for the link!

    Customer Support

    You’re welcome.

    As a note – if you’re just trying to add some content above and below the GP blog layout then you can use the Elements module Hooks and headers.


    Thank you, I am aware of this and learning this feature. In fact, my Headers, Nav. Menu, and Footer are GPP’. I am using Elementor for a content but I try to touch it as less as I can, to not to overload the site. I even disabled Gutenberg blocks.

    Customer Support
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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