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    Yes the problem exists even with GPP deactivated. Check out my link and click on the product image which will take you to the Product Description page and you can see how huge and messed up the image is. You’ll also notice the gallery thumbnails and messed up as well.


    Hey Nick,

    I don’t think thumbnails are meant to be larger than 300px, otherwise it’s not a thumbnail – it’s an actual picture.

    The main product image should be able to be changed however.

    When you choose content/no sidebar it expands because it is fully responsive.

    This is just off the top of my head, I would say share screen via skype and we may be able to fix this rather quickly.

    Skype: tylerg08


    Hi Tyler – Recently you could change the size of thumbnails larger than 300 by going to Woocommerce-Settings-Products-Display, but they just changed it so that it’s now controlled in the customizer. Also, they had 3 different sizes for images. The thumbnail size used to be 150 and those were the thumbnails in the gallery, then the product image was 300 and the single product image was 600. Now in the customizer there’s only 2 sizes, and neither one of them are working for me. I don’t use Skype, so is there another way you can help me? Thanks so much!

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    Did WooCommerce say what exactly from GP is causing the issue?

    Can you test it with a twenty series themes and see if the issue is still there?

    We can definitely take a look if you link us to the page in question.


    I did a lot of steps of elimination that the Woo people told me to do and at the end they said it was a compatibility issue with the theme and not a problem on their end. I also tested the Storefront theme and Twenty Seventeen, but they don’t even have the option to change the product image size. The option isn’t even there! How do I send my URL so only you can see it? In the Tags box?

    Customer Support

    Can you ask them why they think it’s a GP issue?

    One other test to do is to disable GP premium, does that solve the issue?

    You can edit the original topic and use the private URL field.


    Not sure if you got my last post. I edited my original post to add the URL. Are you able to see my image problem? Thanks.

    Customer Support

    Hmm I’m not seeing anything from GP that could be causing this.

    The images are getting styles from WooCommmece.

    Did they get back to you on what in GP is causing the problem?

    Also their customizer options should show up with other themes too.


    No, they just said it was a compatibility issue with GPP, but I didn’t ask them for more specifics. I feel like it might be a problem on their end, but I don’t know what is happening. Same thing is happening on multiple computers that I tried, even switched between Mac and PC and the same problem persists. I’m totally stuck. So, just for the record, you’re saying it’s not GP problem? Thanks Leo…

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    I just went to check it out, but it looks like you switched the theme to Twenty Seventeen.

    Let me know if you switch back to GP 🙂

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