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    Hey team,
    So sorry about this, but I am still stuck with this Woocommerce Cart Positioning. The last time we looked at this was June 1st #1309609
    As you will see, I currently have the Cart I want located on the Navigation bar. Additionally the one we have been trying to get right, is in the top right corner. Ideally I would like the exact Cart format we see in the navigation menu, to instead be located on that top right Widget. Obviously, we would have to remove the current Cart code from that widget and change it to something else, I can’t quite figure out.



    Sorry, another quick question while I have you. I need to move the Hero Content on the Home page Banner up, but if I use the Padding it makes the actual banner image bigger. How do I just move the ‘Hero Content’ up.

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    this was the solution i proposed:


    Have you tested this ? Maybe create a staging site where you can make those changes and we can take a look.

    Question 2 – you have 34% top padding and 0 bottom padding. split the padding between both planes e.g 17% top and 17% bottom will vertically center the content.
    If you need any more help on this – open a new topic, it will make it easier for you and others to find in the future.


    Hey David,
    I seem to have fixed the banner issue, thanks to your advice David. I may need to open another ticket however to discuss it’s responsiveness.

    Anyway, weird things are happening with this cart still.
    I followed your instructions and a cart is now appearing. However it only floats left?

    If I follow step 3. Customizer > Layout > Secondary Navigation –> Set location to Float Right, it floats left. Interestingly if I change it to Float Left, it floats right in the Customizer, but actually still floats left on the front end?

    Also, am I able to add the text ‘Cart’ into that box next to the basket icon and make both icon and text bigger?


    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    Try adding this CSS:

    .secondary-nav-float-right .secondary-navigation {
        order: 5;

    As for the Cart text, would you want it to show up before or after the number of items/amount?


    Hi Tom,
    Thanks, that worked perfectly.
    I am thinking the text should be to the left. It would also be nice if the cart icon could be bigger too, even if I have to use a different icon to achieve this. If the cart icon size is too hard though, I can probably live with it.

    Is there anything I can do to change the way the cart displays responsively too? Not having the three lines on that Cart Menu would be an improvement I think. Maybe only showing the icon would be best for Mobile?

    I will probably submit a different ticket anyway, as most of the widgets are not working responsively. However if i can get the cart bit looking better, that will be a start.

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    The icon and text size will use the font size set in Customizer > Typography > Secondary Navigation.

    Try this CSS to switch the icon and text:

    .secondary-navigation a.cart-contents:not(.has-svg-icon).shopping-basket:before {
        display: none;
    .secondary-navigation a.cart-contents:not(.has-svg-icon).shopping-basket:after {
        content: "\f291";
        display: inline-block;
        font-family: "GP Premium";
        speak: none;
        font-style: normal;
        font-weight: 400;
        font-variant: normal;
        text-transform: none;
        line-height: 1;
        -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;
        margin-left: 0.5em;

    This doc explains how to stop the mobile menu on secondary nav:



    Thanks David,

    I messed around with switching the icon to the right and decided against.
    The link to the Mobile Menu bar removal worked perfectly.

    Thanks again.

    Customer Support

    Glad we could be of help

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