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    Morning Tom and Team

    I have no experience with online ecommerce so bear with me.

    I installed Woocommerce to trial it, selected woo option in GP, seems to work fine but when I add an item, it goes automatically to the cart as I have set it up to BUT in the cart I cannot remove an item or adjust quantity.

    Any ideas where to start. I have shop deactivated at the moment as I have another payment system in place.
    No child themes on site and a straight copy of GP Prem

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    Hi there,

    how do i get to the Shop so i can test to see what the Cart issue is?


    I had the shop deactivated David in case somebody came across it by mistake.
    Just reactivated it, and the update cart button is now showing πŸ™

    I’m working on it today so will keep this topic open until later in case I have any further issues.

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    I can only see one product on the /shop which has zero stock level … so cant add that to cart


    Try now David. I’m really struggling with this LOL. I just don’t do ecommerce πŸ™

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    Looks like its working fine to me.
    In the cart to the left of the product item i can see the circle X for removing. If i adjust the QTY then the Update Cart button is enabled.

    Try viewing it as logged out user in a private browser.


    That’s what I said in previous post. I had it disabled, when I re-enabled it I could see the update basket option so all good thanks David.

    What are my options for layout on main shop front and single product pages without hacking into GP too much David ?
    The description area (tabs) looks awful to be fair and well the whole layout really I’m not happy with

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    Sorry read straight past that comment lol

    So the GP woo module provides several Customizer settings:
    Layout > Woocommerce, Colors > Woocommerce and Typography > Woocommerce.

    You can style some of the elements separately from the main content such as changing the H1 product title colors.

    Sidebars – if you want you can use the Right Sidebar for your Woocommerce widgets and set this to be displayed in the woo layout options.

    You can also change how much space you give to the Single Product Image in layouts.

    Note on images:
    You can set the width of the Main ( single product ) and Thumbnail ( Shop Archives ) in Customizer > Woocommerce. Make sure the original image you upload is large enough to fill the largest size required ( which would be zoomed image). For thumbnails i generally set them to 400px so they are wide enough for the +size mobiles if i am using a single column. And 300px if i am using a two columns.

    I would recommend that all the original images you use are the same size / aspect ratio. Preferably square even if that means you need to add some whitespace to the original image.

    Styling things like tabs or elements outside of the customizer controls requires some CSS if you have any example shops you would like to match i may be able to assist.


    That’s great. πŸ™‚

    I found a custom tabs plugin seems to work really well for me.

    Can the “Update basket button be active always. I can see a few of our customers ringing me up about that.

    Also, can I add css to border line the products on main product page or will it create layout issues ?


    OH …… And can I disable or re-name the description tab ?

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    1. The button is a form submit button, so unless it registers a change to the table it remains disabled. Its a default part of Woo as logically update should only be available if the user makes a change.

    2. Try this CSS:

    #wc-column-container .product {
        border: 1px solid #000;
        box-sizing: border-box;
        padding: Β 20px;

    3. Woo provides PHP snippets to make changes to the tabs here:




    Thank you so much David.

    Works well. (Woo snippets I’ll look at later, but I can handle them easily enough)

    Top service as always

    Customer Support
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