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    Hi there,

    On checking my loading times in GTMetrix, I’m seeing a really long loading time for woff2. In the waterfall section of GTMetrix (and of course, WebPageTest) it shows there is a block before woff2 loads. This doesn’t show in Pingdom but it does register in PageSpeed Insights. The block time flits between 200 and 500ms. The full path is:


    I have tried deactivating caching and minimizing plugins and the load time actually gets longer. I’ve tried an async js plugin and tried asycning and deferring but to no avail. The script loading before that was Google Analytics via the Caos plugin. When I deactivate that plugin, it makes no difference and the woff2 still blocks before loading.

    Is there any need for woff2 to load at all? I’m using the System Stack font and wonder if there is a way to stop/remove the call to the woff2 file; and state the font directly in the style sheet?

    Many thanks,



    Make sure you have the latest version of GP theme from the WordPress theme directory. Go to apearance>customize>general and in the icon type dropdown, select SVG and publish your changes. Then clear your website cache and test again with your pagespeed tools. You will have to ignore the CAOS HTTP request coz you can do nothing about it and the plugin makes the google analytics not to be render-blocking anyway.


    That worked a treat – many thanks!


    You are welcome. Just make sure you mark the topic as resolved.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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