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    Hello Support,

    I’ve been using GP Premium and theme for a while on my (parked site). I’m about to launch a new updated site and would like to use the same style as https://www.carolinsoldo.com/?

    I’m trying to understand the design and build efforts to make this work in GP.

    Appreciate you advise.

    Cheers Q

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    GP simply provides the ‘canvas’ to build content within.
    The content would require custom development or a page builder that supports sliders.
    Or you could build something similar using GenerateBlocks + A slider plugin:


    For the Navigation you could use the Navigation as Header Option:


    With the Off Canvas navigation:


    Social Icons could be Hooked in use the Block Element using GenerateBlocks to create the icon buttons:


    Or a normal Hook Element could be used to add social icons from a plugin.


    Hi David, thank you for the quick response and supporting links. I’ll investigate further. Does GeneratePress recommend a page builder given the incoming v3.0? Thanks again, Q

    Customer Support

    You’re welcome
    We recommend GenerateBlocks as our ‘page builder’ of choice. Not just because we built it. But we like to think we have given users a lightweight flexible alternative to your traditional page-builders.

    It uses the core Block interface – so no proprietary interface or the code that comes with one. Its HTML is clean and lightweight. It uses no JS or external style sheets as all CSS is dynamically generated. Even our Icons are inline SVG so theres no heavy icon font library and you can add your own. We believe there is not a lighter solution around.

    Today we have Block Elements which is the foundation for editing theme elements. GP 3.0 will allow us to build on that to template editing and other really cool stuff. And GenerateBlocks is the perfect component to build them with.

    Sorry of the sales pitch – but it really is rather cool lol

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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