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    Hi there.

    I am currently using the Premium GP latest version and the default home page with the Recent Post feature turned on.

    Therefore, the home page sidebar displays the Recent Posts widget. However, other widgets I have created that are showing correctly on all other posts & pages do not appear on the home page.

    To clarify, I only wish to have to same sidebar widgets on other pages or posts shown on the home page too. I am not currently using a custom home page. I was hoping not to have to design one at the present time to get the widgets all showing happily πŸ™‚

    Searched around and I cannot find mention of this. Any ideas?

    Thank you so much!


    FYI, the ads inside the top and bottom widget (between the Recent posts) on all posts and pages other than the home page, are turned off for 24 hours. So, other than the padding, the widgets are invisible because their background color matches the theme background. But they’re there!

    On the home page, the Recent Posts widget sits level with the main content area at the top because there are no other widgets present.

    So, I know you cannot easily see them on blog posts on Saturday, but they’re in the HTML and not on the default home page. Apparently the ads.txt must index with Google — it was recently updated — which is why the ads aren’t showing which would make these widgets more visible.


    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    Have you solved this?

    I can see the recent articles widget on home page:


    Hi Leo

    To clarify the question: “Why does only the Recent Post GP sidebar widget display on the home page? Why do all sidebar widgets show on all other posts and pages? Why are they missing on the home page and how can I fix it so everything is the same everywhere?”

    Specific to your reply, you’re looking at the home page, not one of the blog posts. If you compare home page sidebar to any blog post sidebar, you’ll see the spacing difference.


    Please see the above screenshot of an inner page. I have marked in Black on the top-right corner the widget area that normally has a background color matching the theme background, so it isn’t obvious to the naked eye (this is only because ads are turned off and normally an ad would be included, stretching the widget in height to accommodate the ad and pushing the Recent Posts widget down with it). There’s also a second widget below the Recent Posts too. It’s in the code.

    What I am finding, regardless of coloration, is that only the Recent Posts widget shows up on the default GP page. No other added widgets which show everywhere else appear on the GP default home page. I would like these other widgets to show on home, so I can get some advertising there!

    Hopefully, that’s clearer.

    P.S I also have a separate support request where I’m trying to avoid the spacing (the black color area) when there’s no ad loaded (like now!) for times when an advert doesn’t always appear because one wasn’t supplied by Ezoic. WIth no ad, and a widget background that matches the theme, only the widget padding is visible creating unwanted space before the Recent Posts widget. Hence, the Recent Posts widget doesn’t sit level at the top and gets pushed down the sidebar (on a post page; home page is level only because the other widgets aren’t displaying!). I’d like to have the widget collapse if it has nothing in it. I also need the widget to allow ads to be included (if I remove the widget, I cannot place the advert in that position).


    Thank you.

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    Currently i see on Single Posts sidebar: Advert / Recent Posts / Advert.

    On Home, RVs, Off Grid and About US: Recent Posts.
    I inspected those pages and there is NO widget HTML for those missing adverts.

    GP isn’t aware of what widgets are in a sidebar and it would not influence the codes behaviour.
    It simply provides the template for that display output.
    Which means some other ‘code’ is setting those display conditions.

    I am not familiar with that ad provider. Is there any conditions within its setup that dictate where and ad is displayed?


    How very strange! Just tested a random photo as a new widget in the sidebar and indeed… it does display on the home page. So, I wrong.

    I will investigate other possibilities.

    Much appreciated! It’s helped narrow down what could be causing it.

    Customer Support

    Hope you get it resolved. Let us know πŸ™‚

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