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    hi there,

    this is not a “how can I do ..” post as I am doing for the last few days, but sharing some thoughts about generatepress and wp.

    I am not a wp guy, not a css man, definitely not coder. But I do care about clean, fast, efficient and capable things.

    My site will be a blog & training site about some software stuff, and here is my first thoughts.

    – I chose generatepress because it seems clean, simple yet capable. And it proves that until that time without any issue. It does what I expect from it, superior blogging esp. If u’ll write a blog, this is the theme I think. Wp-show-post and lightweight grid plugins should be tested, which I think they are a bit “lost” in documentation or not very clear. Nice and effective plugins.

    – My wordpress installation is on a virtual machine on azure, with nginx installed. I dont have much info regarding ubuntu or nginx but I have used this site a lot –> https://easyengine.io/ .
    Very simple and fast wordpress installation with nginx if u have a vm. (although they r not very active, it took the burden of reading many “how to install..” documentations. I followed their tutorials regarding optimizations.

    – I also followed some opt. tutorial written by Tom on gp site. They were simple and clear.

    – I tried dozen of themes before gp. I have never achieved that score on https://tools.pingdom.com with so little effort. With google analytics code and disqus plugin activated, I get a score of 97.

    If I disable them, I get 100 out of 100 score!

    nice and fast theme. congrats guys!

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Thank you! Glad you’re enjoying GP!

    GP 2.0 is coming out soon, which will be even faster 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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