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    You are using CreativeWorks with an invalid text attribute that should be articleBody. Posts are blogpostings and pages are articles. Other required attributes would be missing. You should aim for a top level entity of ItemPage and all others are a descendant. A bag full of top level entities ( sitenagivation, wphead, creativework, etc ) are not semantically related.

    Read https://plus.google.com/+DenverProphitJr/posts/Mobiax1srhM discussion on G+ Join the community too for feedback. When you optimize the structured data, customers like me have a better chance of getting our articles featured in search.

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    Hi there,

    Thanks for the link, I’ll review!

    In GP 2.0, all structured data will be filterable so you’ll be able to edit things to match your kind of content type better.

    Is the main issue you’re seeing with the CreativeWorks element specifically?


    Several issues with a blog posting. You have a TLE -> Top Level entity, “blog” and a creativeworks. The two do not need to be a TLE. The whole thing needs to be reworked. I also do not see breadcrumb schema. Jarno Van Driel is an expert. I linked the conversation.

    The feature for custom page header also needs to be an itemid for the headline when that feature is enabled and wp_title() is filtered out in loop.

    If you can manage to get everything under an ItemPage, then other things become available such as keywords and mensions that could take its data from tags. Other additional features are designating a page as contact and about and using those specific schemas instead of ItemPage.

    I didn’t see any useful schema on pages. If pages are used for articles and one wants to get inducted into google news, you will be required to output schema for a news article. That can be found at https://developers.google.com/search/docs/data-types/articles and go beyond that with items not listed such as reading time and word count. Other countries that do not use google such as yandex.

    Extending images with Imageobjects: contenturl, caption, width, length

    I love the template engine. I’m able to do much more than with genesis framework. But, they have you beat already with structured data.


    Hey also, Creativework is broad. That is why I suggested blogposting, a descendant, rather than CreativeWork

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    Lead Developer

    Interesting, it seems that Genesis is using pretty much the exact same SD as GP: https://demo.studiopress.com/genesis-sample/

    Both using CreativeWork.

    I’ll look into it anyways, and the ability to filter the SD of those elements will be awesome in 2.0 🙂


    oh wow it does appear to be true. But, you saw possibly as I did that blogposting, article, newsarticle are acceptable to google for any google news or in-depth article. If you have any tips using your hooks, I’d love to see and comment on that help content. I already use json+ld in hook header for localbusiness schema.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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