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    First let me thank you and congratulate you on GeneratePress- I ‘m new on WP site-building, but having experimented with some other themes/plugins, I decided to buy your premium product and have been very satisfied with it!

    So far I have been solving all my needs and problems by reading past forum answers and general googling around for help. However, I have a question for which I could not find an answer.

    I am developing a site using ‘mellow’ as a starting point. The site is still in very early development.

    The question is this: I would like to substitute the ‘main’ image being used on the front page with a slideshow. In other words, instead of a main static image (on the front page only – the rest of the pages are fine with a static image), I would like to have a slideshow with 4-5 images. I am using envira gallery plugin on that site, if that is relevant, so perhaps I could use a slideshow provided by that plugin?

    Sorry if I ‘m not describing my situation in the right terminology, as I said before I ‘m quite new to the WP world – but I think you can understand what I would like to achieve.

    Thanks a lot for your time, and again congrats on a super and fairly-priced product!

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    I don’t have any experience with the slideshow function from Envira but my recommendation for a slider plugin would be Smart Slider 3.

    Then you can create a new header element specifically for the front page and add the slider shortcode as content as instructed in first step here:

    Let me know if this helps πŸ™‚


    Hello Leo,

    thanks a lot for your help. I did install Smart Slider 3, read through your suggested link, followed documentation and guidelines from smart slider, created a new header element and placed my slider there.

    I ‘m still fine-tuning the appearance of the slider with a combination of smart slider settings and some css. Please allow me to keep this thread ‘alive’ and not mark it solved, because I think I will have to ask again for your help – but I want to try first as much as I can, and I don’t work on this full-time so it will take a few more days.

    Thanks again for your time, the awesome theme and your great support.


    Customer Support

    No problem!

    Just comment on here again if you need another look πŸ™‚


    OK Leo, I think I need your help πŸ™‚

    My site is here: https://pegasus.antimamalo.com/ (URL1) – for the time being I have the front page with a static image, as was the case with the ‘mellow’ template.

    I have an ‘alternative’ home-page where I do my tests, which you can find here: https://pegasus.antimamalo.com/home2/ (URL2)

    Now, the first thing is that no matter how much I tried, I can’t make the slider take the same dimensions as the ‘hero’ image of the ‘static-image’ homepage – ideally I would like the slider at URL2 to have exactly the same dimensions as the image in URL1 (and if possible, ‘engulfing’ #main as URL1 does – see attached image with desired effect highlighted *) – basically my ideal situation would be to have something exactly the same as URL1 but a slider instead of image.

    I hope you understand what I ‘m after ..

    PS – don’t mind about the logo appearing/disappearing with scrolling in URL2 or other things, this site is still only under construction and nobody visits apart from me πŸ™‚

    thanks a lot for your time !

    (*) – screenshot with desired effect: https://prnt.sc/qx1jhp

    PS 2 – I have another simple question and I thought of posting it here and not opening different thread. If you want me to open a different thread please tell me.

    The question is this: I would like a very minimal header element to be used for all posts. This website will have very small posts with ‘news’, probably only a few lines of text each post, most of them without even an image – so having this beautiful but ‘heavy’ default element that comes with mellow is an overkill. Can you suggest an easy way to create such a minimal header element? I hope you understand what I ‘m saying, and sorry if it’s a very trivial question – I ‘m very new both to GP and WP πŸ™‚

    Customer Support

    This is the size for the page hero in URL 1:
    Can you try making the slider to that exact size? Then it should work once the logo appears.

    When a slider is added as the content, the page hero doesn’t actually decide on the size as it’s controlled by the slider itself.

    Please do open a new topic for the separate question.



    OK Leo, thanks a lot for your prompt replies and your help.

    I managed to solve my problems.

    I close this thread and mark this issue as resolved. Thanks again.

    Customer Support
Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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