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[Resolved] Urgent! Incompatibility with Elementor

Home Forums Support [Resolved] Urgent! Incompatibility with Elementor

Home Forums Support Urgent! Incompatibility with Elementor

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    Hey Tom, I had a weird thing happen today. Only after testing countless plugins that could have any potential impact on CSS display, I deactivated my copy of GPP and left myself at GP Free. Deactivating made my problems go away.

    It seems any Elementor item implemented via shortcode — whether through GP Hooks or in a widget — was rendering stripped of its CSS. This all happened today. It was all fine late last night.

    Any thoughts on why this is? Happy to provide temporary access and any screenshots. I’m on GPP 1.3.1 and Elementor version 1.5.5 (though this happened before I updated to that) and Elementor Pro 1.5.6.)

    Let me know! Thanks.

    GeneratePress 1.3.48
    GP Premium 1.3.1

    Hi Tom,

    Just to add to Brandon’s post (I was helping him track down the problem), the very last thing we tried was deactivating GPP. Sure enough, after that was done, all of the Chrome Dev Tools console errors were gone and the Elementor created content was rendering as it should.

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    Hmm, well nothing in GP has changed recently – last updates were over a month ago.

    Which specific add-on in GPP is causing the issue?

    Lyle, is this something you’ve replicated on your own server?


    Unsure, Tom. I only know this: all of my Elementor items are working fine. The only 4 that weren’t are:

    2 sidebar modules that display via the Elementor widget.
    1 post footer that displays via GP Hooks (shortcode).
    1 item that loaded via shortcode in my Customizer settings on the Blog page.

    The only two you can see now are the 2 sidebar ones since I deactivated GPP.

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    Lead Developer

    Can you activate GPP, and deactivate each add-on one by one until the issue goes away?

    I’m not sure what I’m looking for on that page?

    Also, flush and deactivate any caching plugins.


    I’ll have to try that in the morning at this point, but it’s these 2 sidebar elements: The one with the content about Freelance to Founder, including the image, and the one with the list of “Best Resources”


    I just reactivated GPP. You might notice, for example how the line spacing dramatically reduced. Just about anything that was selected with Elementor in their Style tab was eliminated.



    No, not this particular issue. Local and live, GPP and Elementor have always played well together with no issues πŸ™‚

    I do recall a while back that there was a post here where deactivating GPP *fixed* whatever the issue was, but it wasn’t this sort of thing. I did a search of the forum but I couldn’t find it πŸ™‚


    Going on Tom’s suggestion, reactivate the GPP plugin then deactivate all the add ons via Dashboard > Appearance > GeneratePress. From there, activate them one at a time, testing the site with each activation until you find which add on is causing the problem. πŸ™‚
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    Yeah will do very early tomorrow. Thanks so much for the consideration tonight, guys. Really appreciate it.

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    I’m afraid there’s not much I can do without seeing the issue with all caching plugins disabled.

    I can say that GP hasn’t changed recently, and it doesn’t have a single Elementor specific piece of code in it that would become incompatible out of nowhere/with an Elementor update.

    Sidebar widgets are 100% WordPress controlled – nothing theme related.

    GP Hooks and the Page Header content are ran through the do_shortcode() function, which is a core WP function that parses shortcodes.

    If CSS is disappearing, I would look harder at caching. Sometimes, simply deactivating a caching plugin doesn’t stop the caching. The caching needs to be 100% purged, and then deactivated.

    Deactivating GPP might “fix” it simply because the shortcodes in GP Hooks are no longer executed. It may be worth disabling those specific hooks to see if the issue is there. If it is, I would look harder at Elementor, as it’s their code that needs to figure out to print the CSS or not.

    I know some developers check widgets and the content for the shortcode, and print CSS if it exists. Of course, they wouldn’t be checking GP Hooks, so the CSS wouldn’t load. This would point to a recent change in Elementor itself.

    That being said, I think there’s more than a few people using Elementor inside GP Hooks, so I have a feeling I’d be swimming in topics about that in here if that was the case.


    It’s the strangest thing, though, isn’t it? The two sidebar Elementor modules have nothing to do with GPP. They’re only displayed through the Elementor widget that I select in Appearance > Widgets. When I deactivate GPP and keep only GP free those widgets look exactly as I designed them. When I reactivate GPP, they’re wonky again.

    I’m unsure how to completely purge a URL 100%. I can do it with WP Rocket, my caching plugin, but unsure how to do it without.

    Trust me I’ve thought about that last note you made as well, that surely someone ran across this before me, unless it’s some configuration I have in particular that’s wonky.

    Customer Support

    Just a note – the site is showing a single error related to elementor front end CSS. Not sure if thats related…..


    I don’t know. I don’t know how to troubleshoot those errors. I know how to Inspect pages with Chrome, but not how to view errors.


    I’m more than happy to provide a temp admin to my site if anyone has the bandwidth or interest in investigating. Would just want to know when someone is in there and what changes they’re testing!

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    Lead Developer

    Have you tried deactivating the GPP add-ons one by one yet?

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