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    hi team,

    two issues, maybe with the update, but not sure.
    1. homepage with padding/margin right and left, each 20px, was not there before
    2. the width from the off canvas menu is minimized, where to expand the width?

    tks in advance


    screenshot off canvas menu desktop

    in chrome it works, in safari i have the issue?

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    can you first try clearing and temporarily disabling your autoptimize caches first.
    Then view the site in a Private browser so it doesn’t use any cached files.

    Let us know.

    If the menu is still to narrow you can increase the width with this CSS:

    @media(min-width:769px) {
        .slideout-navigation.do-overlay .inside-navigation .main-nav {
            min-width: 400px;

    hi david,
    done as you adviced, but no change in width. your css is working but what is the cause of this issue? after adding the menu is not centered correctly as you can check on the page.

    next, the padding/margin left and right are still there. how to remove. you can see my settings in the screenshot.

    screenshot container-settings

    Customer Support

    That CSS shouldn’t be necessary so i checked your site on desktop and mobile ( without the CSS ) on chrome and safari and its displaying correctly:

    Maybe browser cache needs clearing ?

    For the Container padding – i am seeing 20px left and right padding on the mobile devices. You can change that in the block > settings by selecting the Mobile tab.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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