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    I found strange redirects and cookies on one page of my site.
    Until now I did not find other pages on my site, where this happens.
    Please have a look on the redirects on Gtmetrix
    There are a lot of redirects which shall not be there. The cookies I found are addthis.com, casalemedia.com, everesttech.net, mookie1.com, quantserve.com, target.com, beacon.walmart.com. Until now, I found the cookies only on this one page in German. The English and Italian versions are not affected (there are only 4 groups of cookies which is correct (booking.com, widget.getyourguide.com, tourist-in-rom.com, http://www.tourist-in-rom.com)
    I checked with my host provider and they say, the site is clean.
    I had a link on my page to an external page and on that page I found the same cookies.
    Have you any idea how to solve this?
    Thank you

    GP Premium 1.7.8

    Update: I disabled Google Adsense on most of the pages and the cookies and redirects disappeared on these pages. I had a look at the Google cookie policy and the cookies, which I found, are not documented there.
    Disabling Adsense, I see in Gtmetrix a reduced load time, e reduced page size and an improved page speed score.
    I’m quite convinced that the cookies and redirects I found are not GDPR compliant and I’m wondering, whether there is a way to control them. Actually, Adsense seems to be completely out of control, setting cookies here and redirects there, slowing down the site about 50%.

    How can I keep this under control?

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    This is an issue with any sort of ad service, unfortunately, as they will all make requests to external servers that will set cookies/redirects.

    The only way to prevent this is to host ads locally, which of course isn’t possible with services like Adsense.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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