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    I have been attempting to determine if the following issue is a cache issue, but have not been able to resolve the error, which can be best described as follows:

    After going to the store (Shop), selecting a product, and then adding it to the cart, this occurs:

    With the item in the cart, the shopper should be able to “Calculate shipping” for the shipping cost based on zip code. Theoretically, after supplying the information, the exact shipping cost should be returned.

    Unfortunately, in this scenario, when a shopper – using Internet Explorer – attempts to click “Calculate shipping,” there is no action other than the page shifting to the section where the “Update Cart” button is rendered. This is due to the fact that the page requires an update to the cart – even though the cart has not been changed.

    Further, when an attempt to update the cart is made by the shopper’s attempt to click the Update Cart button, there is no change in the page status. Multiple clicks to the Update Cart button appears to result in the same result: no change in the cart and as a consequence, no ability to Calculate shipping.

    The workflow is like this:

    1. A shopper visits the landing page.
    2. The shopper proceeds to the Store.
    3. Then selects a product…
    4. Then adds the product to cart…
    5. Then attempts to “Calculate shipping” (by clicking the hyperlink under Cart totals/Shipping)…
    6. ISSUE – the page is repositioned with a focus on the “Update Cart” button…
    7. ISSUE – When the shopper clicks on update cart in order to proceed to Calculate shipping, there is no change. Nothing is returned as an error message, and the cart remains “un-updated,” and therefore the shopper is unable to Calculate shipping (based on the un-updated cart).
    8. The user then abandons the shopping session, unable to complete their transaction.

    Please let me know what should be done to address this. As usual, I appreciate your help and insights.


    GP Premium 1.6.2
    Customer Support

    Hi Lee,

    Hmm that’s weird. We haven’t received any reports on this.

    I’m seeing quite a few jQeury errors in the Console tabs which could be causing the issue:

    Can you try #1 here to eliminate plugin conflict first?

    It should help. If not then I would recommend contacting WooCommerce’s support.
    GP’s WooCommerce add-on simply styles WooCommerce and does not interfere with WooCommerce’s functionality.

    Let me know if this helps 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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