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    Hi there
    Hope you can help.
    I’d like to adjust my home page (www.ethicalescapes.org) a little but having some difficulty working out how to get WP to do what I want!
    1) I’d like to round off the corners of the large image to create a wave effect. Is this possible?
    2) I’d like to move the search panel (GeoDirectory) up over the top of the image. Is this possible?
    3) I’d like to increase the size of the images so there is less white space between them all. Where would I do that?
    4) And can I increase the margins of the home page without increasing the margins of posts? I’d like the home page (and other pages with mainly images) to fill up most of the page. But blog post pages I’d like to keep the width fairly narrow for ease of reading.


    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    to begin with regarding #2 – how is the Search form added to the page? Is it a block or a shortcode ?
    Best we see how that can be positioned and then look at the others 🙂


    It is as a block – GD-Search.

    Customer Support

    OK so i would begin with:

    1. Replace the Cover Block you have for the large hero image with a GenerateBlocks Container Block.
    See the docs here for that block:


    It covers adding background images, padding, rounded corners and shapes which you can use to create your wave effect.

    NOTE: If you want control over the text you add to that container then use the GB Headline Block, it too has a bunch of styling controls.

    2. You can add that block inside the GB Container Block.

    3. You’re using a Block plugin to the post grid – does that have a column gap option ? If not let me know and ill see what CSS it requires.

    4. So as a general rule when building landing pages i would do:

    a) Set the Pages Content Container to Full Width:

    This is going top create a full width page that HAS no padding.

    b) Use the GB Container Block to create the various sections of your page. With the Container Block you can set its inner width and padding to suit

    This way you can specifically design this page without it interfering with any other page on the site


    Thanks so much.
    I’ve managed to do 1) – the image.
    2) I can’t see how to add in the GD Search block and heading over the top of the image? I can get the Search to come up but it’s in the wrong place and I cannot then edit it. And I can’t work out how to add a header on top of the image at all. Sorry.
    3) I can’t see a column gap option. I hope I’ve set it up correctly. Would it be easier for you to take a look if I give you the log in?
    4) Thanks that makes sense

    Customer Support

    Lets get #3 out the way – try adding this CSS:

    .entry-content .wp-block-kadence-posts.grid-cols {
        column-gap: 1.5rem;
        row-gap: 1.5rem;

    You can set the two -gap properties to any value – their currently at 2.5rem.

    If you want to share a temporary admin login in the Private Information field, i can take a look a the other issue.


    ok that’s helped. I have a feeling I may not have set up the home page correctly with containers. Perhaps that is where the issue is coming in? For example the two posts blocks are different widths.
    Anyway, for 2) my log in is below
    Thanks so much.

    Customer Support

    Ok so i made some corrections to set the front page up as full width – see here for the changes i made:

    You should now be able to add the other blocks you want inside that top container.


    Oh this is great. Thanks so much. I’ve got to go out now but i’ll come back to it later. Thanks again.

    Customer Support

    Good luck – let us know how you get on!

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