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[Support request] transparent nav logo Overwrite sticky nav logo

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Home Forums Support transparent nav logo Overwrite sticky nav logo

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    Hello Dear Tom
    great theme and great support

    I have set transparent background for this page
    using black logo version and white/transparent background
    for sticky nav i use the white logo version and black/transparent background

    the problem is the “page header” logo “Overwrite your navigation logo on this page.”
    so nav background is black and logo is black

    thank you in advance
    keep up your great work !!

    Customer Support

    Hi Mike,

    Doesn’t look like you are using page header so the page header logo shouldn’t be needed?

    This article might help to achieve your layout:


    page header widget

    i use transparent background it is called “page header”
    the nav logo is black color
    black nav logo

    the problem is that sticky nav logo is black instead of white as set by the “sticky nav logo layout

    white sticky logo

    transparent background logo

    in this picture no logo visible it is black instead of of white
    logo problam

    this is the black logo version out of the “page header widget”
    logo ok
    thank you

    Customer Support

    both of your suggestions are not the solution for the problem i am having

    maybe i didnt explain it well

    sticky logo is white and the background is set to black

    on “page header” widget when i make transparent background, i set the logo to be black.
    The sticky nav background remains black as set by the customizer but logo changes to black also (just as set for transparent background only- with header widget)

    Thank you in advance

    Customer Support

    Ah ok I see. we’ll have a look at this. Will report back 🙂

    Customer Support

    This is a bit tricky as the page header logo does overwrite the navigation logo by default (not a bug).

    In this case I would recommend:
    – Enabling the header again.
    – Upload the white logo in here:
    – Set navigation to float right to create the same layout:
    – Remove header padding and adjust the menu item height to match what you have right now:

    This should make it so that you have two options in page header logo – Site Wide & Navigation Logo, so that you can use whatever combination you’d like.

    Let me know if this works.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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