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[Resolved] Transparent Background for Specific GP Premiume Sections without CSS

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    Hi Tom- We would like the top section of this to get rid of the white block background. I tried to erase the hex code in the section background – but it still shows white. Eventually- we will need this background to be full screen above the fold – with the video playing in the back- but having the content show in front of the video – keeping the rest transparent instead of white- just for the first top section- http://timscholten.com/focus-5-advantage-coaching-pro/ How can I get rid of the white background in any “section” so I could have a video playing in the back? We are going more for this look at the top above the fold https://storybrand.com/roadmap/ Thanks

    GeneratePress 1.3.46

    Leo Customer Support

    Hi Tim,

    Are you referring to the white bar at the top? That’s the site header.

    You can disable it globally by doing this: https://docs.generatepress.com/article/generate_header/

    As for full width section, you can use the no-padding class in Custom Classses for that section: https://docs.generatepress.com/article/sections-overview/#opening-the-section-settings



    Thanks Leo – I think you missed my request. The question is about turning backgrounds of “sections” transparent. Can this be done without hacking CSS? I don’t want to turn headers off or any of that. Want to be able to make certain backgrounds of “sections” transparent” through the Admin control panel if possible. This way- when there is a background video, it will show behind the items posted in a section body area. Transparent backgrounds – that’s the control we are looking for. If you can’t do it in control panel – is there a workaround? Thanks



    Please understand – in GP Premium, you have the ability to use “sections” on a page – so with the “sections” turned on, which I am using on that page, you have the ability to set the background color of the sections. We need a way to make a specific section “transparent” instead of choosing a color. Deleting the hex color for the section background does not make it transparent either. Tried to do that. It has a default color and even if you take the hex color code out of that “section” it still defaults to a color.


    Leo Customer Support

    Sorry I can’t quite picture what you are after and why making the section background transparent would be useful here?

    If the image/video covers the entire section area then the section doesn’t need to be transparent?

    Can you provide an example of what you are after?

    Take a look at our page header add-on as I think it might be beneficial of what you are trying to achieve as you can insert background video:



    Thank you – we need background video- but there are elements in the web body that are in front of the video- and the white section background needs to be transparent. The video is a background, the (section) html body elements are in a layer in front of the video – but the background layer of each section is opaque – would like them transparent so the html items – clickable items do not have a white background. Please see this web page http://storybrand.com/ and this one https://storybrand.com/roadmap/ – the background of the body element is transparent- we do not want a big video with nothing overlaid. Does this make sense? All I am asking is how to make a specific background of a “section” transparent instead of opaque color.


    Leo Customer Support

    My apologies that I’m still a bit confused. For this website: https://storybrand.com/workshop/

    Are you referring to the first section with the background video or the section with a video and text “Discover how the…”?

    Neither of them have transparent background as far as I can tell. You can’t really have transparent background for sections as it’s the last/bottom layer – some colors would have to show. It’s the same reason why you can’t set a transparent background in Customizer > Colors > Body.

    The full width video inserted should be on top and cover whatever background color is set in sections, then the text layer goes on top of the video layer.


    Tom Lead Developer

    Try turning off the “Add padding” option in the Page Header options.



    Thanks Tom – that’s all I needed to do to get rid of the white background.


    Tom Lead Developer
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