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    Joanne Smith

    theme missing from site when not logged in


    I have been at this for 5 hours and wonder if you can see what is happening to me –as I am not sure if it is a computer caching problem or not ?

    the site I am setting up is


    do you see a problem with no theme attached to the following page



    when you are logged into the site


    Click on

    Submit or Edit my Listing button

    user name: adminmary
    password: letmein

    and you will see this web page looks ok now

    but when you look at it when logged out

    your theme is not there ?

    Any ideas ? is it the theme or the plugin ?

    Joanne Smith

    I have tried Twenty Eleven theme Version: 2.5 theme and there are no issues between being logged in or logged out – so I am guess it something to do with your theme ??

    and its only on the page with the short code



    not the home page or any other page I add — they open OK when not logged in

    strange ?? Any ideas how to fix ??


    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi Joanne,

    Sorry for not getting back to you sooner – bbPress has all of a sudden decided it’s only going to notify me of 50% of new topics, ugh.

    This is very strange indeed – it looks like that shortcode is stopping GP from adding the necessary CSS to the page.

    When you remove that shortcode, every works as it should?

    If so, there’s something really strange going on inside that shortcode that needs to be fixed.

    Joanne Smith

    When I try other themes it does not break like this ? I have even tried installing the script on other NEW pages and it still breaks ??

    So your theme does not seem to like it ?? Is there anyway I can find out how to fix or add a CSS or something as client wants site to go live!!

    Not sure what to do


    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    What’s happening is it’s preventing GP from adding the styles built by the Customizer (colors, spacing, typography etc.. most of the theme is built in the Customizer).

    Those styles are added using this function: https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_add_inline_style

    So for some reason, that plugin is preventing GP from using that built in WP function to add the necessary styles to the page.

    You can check the error_log file on your server to see if there’s any clues in there.

    The reason it works with other themes is because those themes don’t rely so heavily on the styles from the Customizer. GP does, which is what makes it so customizable.

    Joanne Smith

    ahhh I see — so what should I ask the plugin developer to fix from a technical point of view when I post the query in his HELP area — ( could you fill in the blanks or as much as you can )
    My question should be

    my theme will not load correctly when logged out for any web page with the short code [webdirectory-dashboard] because ……………….. and I have been told by the THEME developer to include …… to fix it



    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    I don’t really have an answer for that – never seen this before.

    Your first step is finding that error_log file and seeing if there’s any hints in there.

    Most plugin authors will take the easy route and just blame the theme, so it’s best we try to find the exact error first.

    Joanne Smith


    We have checked the server error log, but we couldn’t find anything related to your website

    Is there another way of checking through WP itself ?


    Joanne Smith

    where do I check error_log file

    Joanne Smith

    I came across this in his thread which seams ridiculous

    Hello, the plugin will not inherit styles and css from the theme, just some basic styles like fonts and backgrounds. The plugin has own styling and customization system

    SO my only other OPTION is

    1: Stop the NON logged in users from clicking that DASHBOARD button with the [webdirectory-dashboard] Just thinking sideways here as the page with the [webdirectory-dashboard] should only be available for those logged in — unless I remove it from the navigation and then have the login redirect plugin open that page — let me give that a TRY

    Joanne Smith


    that has worked — I created a welcome page and then gave them the option to sign up as a new user ( register now ) and/or login as a existing member — both options login them into the Admin Dashboard and I have avoided the CSS of death problem — Gawd — sometimes you have to think on your feet and work out a solution when the other navigation method failed— At least now in their dashboard they can do everything the Plugin asks and your theme is intact.

    Thank you for you help — I was about the scrap it all and start loading everything again just in case – now I don’t have to do that as I know what has caused the error — not your theme but his plugin!



    Joanne Smith

    I also added a plugin


    which only shows the widget ( dashboard menu ) to logged in users meaning the dashboard can be shown correctly for logged in users!

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Glad you were able to find a solution! Thanks for posting it here just in case someone else runs into the same problem 🙂

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