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    There is a lot of customization I want. Here are those

    1. In homepage, I want to remove https://prnt.sc/qr2206 the box shapes from the posts. like https://prnt.sc/qr2aoz this.
    2. wanted https://prnt.sc/qr2ax5 this type read more button.
    3. Automatically underline texts which have links, except button with link in post content.
    4. In the mobile menu, mode wanted social icons on top. Also, menu needs to change the background colour of menu bar and right side of the menu I getting “black”, need to make this transparent. See https://prnt.sc/qr2p7w this.
    5. Need to header sticky in mobile and desktop mode.
    6. Wanted to remove space between heading and breadcrumbs https://prnt.sc/qr2bd0 . also wanted https://prnt.sc/qr2bww this type breadcrumbs in mobile mode, don’t want to show “post name” as like in desktop mode. Also need to change breadcrumbs fonts and colour
    7. In the author wanted https://prnt.sc/qr2chd this type. Like the first author image by “author name” after arrow publishes date or update date.
    8. Wanted https://prnt.sc/qr2e8d this type social sharing button on the mobile mode in middle. Also, https://prnt.sc/qr2eia need this type of social sharing button in desktop mode left side. need this type of social sharing before the first paragraph and after content.
    9. Wanted https://prnt.sc/qr2fod https://prnt.sc/qr2fmj https://prnt.sc/qr2fhl this type tag section.
    10. Need Author box with a shadow, like https://prnt.sc/qr2hy3 this.
    11. Wanted next and previous article like https://prnt.sc/qr2in9 this. Also color and fonts need to change. Only on mobile mode.
    12. Wanted https://prnt.sc/qr2j6p this type related post.
    13. In sidebar need to add items with shadow like https://prnt.sc/qr2khi this.
    14. Need to remove footer Powered by GeneratePress and wanted to add my custom.
    15. Adding elements in footer widgets, but not showing. Also need to change entire footer colour. Except “Footer bar”.
    16. Need to remove sidebar in 404 pages and wanted to create custom 404 pages. and button Place related post with thumbnails, like https://prnt.sc/qr2j6p this.
    17. Wanted to custom homepage with generatepress builder. Like these https://gpsites.co/dispatch/ , https://gpsites.co/boost/
    18. Big Tables should work properly in mobile mode. should not break the design.
    19. Another thing FCP is getting higher 2.5 – 3.2 sec even webiset does’t have only few page. need to improve this to 1 – 1.5 sec

    Let me know. If any support team did this from their end it will helpful for me, I am don’t know about coding also it saves your and mine time.



    Is anyone here to help out this.

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    first off we do not offer custom development, free or paid, and we cannot make amends to a users site. The purpose of the forum is to provide support for the Theme and Premium plugin. But we will try to help with requests that fall outside of our scope.

    It will be impossible for us to work through 19 requests in a single topic.

    I suggest you prioritise your requirements, identify the ones most important and that you cannot find answers for by searching this forum or in our Documents (link) and raise a new topic for each of them so we can deal with it one at a time.

    As a note you’re currently using the Marketer Site design yet point #17 you talk about other designs. It may be better you select one of those designs as mixing the two will be difficult.


    I don’t have enough time to make a different topic separately. If you can’t do here in one topic then please proceed by money refund request.

    Let me know.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    Just wanted to expand on this a little. Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to spend this much time on one topic. If everyone had similar requests, our support system would fail quite quickly and we’d need to up our prices significantly to keep up.

    Our forum works best if each user opens one ticket at a time. That way we can work through each one thoroughly, resolve it and move onto the next. We’re happy to help you if you’d like to take this route. It might take a bit longer, but it will be much easier more organized and easier to tackle for everyone.

    If not, feel free to shoot us an Account Issue email and we’ll issue a refund: https://generatepress.com/contact



    Nicely handled. I feel bad for posting one request, let alone 19!

    James M. Fisher

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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