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    I just switched our site to GeneratePress but for some reason the blog layout settings within the Customizer are not displaying properly.

    Customizer > Layout > Blog sets the excerpt length to 0, however many posts still display full content. As a result, all of the category archives are a mess. Here are a couple of examples but you’ll see the problem is quite widespread:


    There is nothing unique about the posts displaying full content. They all have different categories and tags but each one has the default blog layout. There are no custom blog templates applied to any of these posts, either. Nothing that should affect how these posts are rendered or displayed.

    The only method we could find to hide the excess content was by adding .archive .entry-content {display:none;} to the CSS, however this is not ideal because each archive page is still loading unnecessary content and making unnecessary database calls.

    Curious what could be causing this and open to any suggestions you might have, thank you very much.

    Customer Support

    Hi Matthew,

    I checked the first post that showing content and found there’s a moreblock in the middle of the post, so the excerpt will show all the content that above the more block.

    I assume the other posts have the same issue. I would recommend remove the more block from the posts if you want the excerpt to work properly.


    Hi Ying,

    Ahhhh yes that explains it, thank you very much. I believe some of the authors used more blocks so I will have to get that fixed.

    One other question — if it is the more blocks breaking the Loop on category archives, what is breaking the Loop on standard blog posts? Removing the more does not solve the blog post feed, only the category archives. The homepage is the blog feed but none of the pagination pages load any posts at all. They are just empty, sidebar only. Where have all of the posts gone?


    Customer Support

    Your home page is a static page, are you using WP show posts to insert the loop?

    If so, I would suggest replacing WP show posts with GenerateBlock’s Query loop block, as we’ve merged its function to GB, and WP show posts will no longer be supported as soon as GB 1.5 is released.

    You can download GB 1.5 beta here: https://generateblocks.com/generateblocks-1-5-dynamic-data-query-loops-image-blocks/

    Let me know if the new query loop block works.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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