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    I am having a problem adding posts and pages. When I select add post or add page, the new post or page loads without a place to add the title. It has the place where the permalink is but it does not have a place to add the post title.

    I think the conflict is with Elementor Pro. Since I could not add pages or posts, I activated the Hello theme and the Post/Page Title field was present again. I think the problem started after the last update for GeneratePress. Have you had any complaints along these lines?

    Thank you Milford Crosby


    Leo Customer Support

    Hi there,

    We haven’t received any reports on this.

    I see that your entire site is basically coming from Elementor so I don’t think it can be a theme issue.

    Are you able to check with Elementor’s support first?

    What happens if you use a twenty series default WP theme?



    I do have a request in with Elementor. The theme I was having the issue with was the GeneratePress theme with the GP Premium plugin. I activated the Elementor Hello theme and the problem went away. I did prefer the GeneratePress theme, among other things the ability to use hooks. Prior to the above request I reinstalled the GeneratePress theme and went though all the steps and I think the conflict was with Elementor. I’ll work on it more. In the mean time I did reactivate the Elementor Hello theme and I can get back to work. Please let me know if you learn anything more. Regards Milford


    Leo Customer Support

    Elementor’s Hello theme is not a good theme to test these problems with.

    Can you try using a twenty series default theme instead?

    What happens if you disable GP Premium and only keeping the free theme activated?



    Hi Leo:
    I first reactivated the GP Theme GP Premium was still activated. The problem remained.
    I deactivated GP Premium the problem remained

    I installed and activate the 2020 Theme, the problem went away.

    I them received an update for Elementor. I updated those plugins and did the steps above again, and still had the problem with GP.

    Is it possible to remove GP entirely from WP and then reinstall it? It seems like it must just have something to do with my install.
    Thank you, Milford


    Leo Customer Support

    GP Premium really shouldn’t cause any issues like this.

    Can you deactivate each module one by one and see if you can the culprit?



    Hi Leo:
    I went through GP Premium Config and deactivated each module until all were deactivated. The Title field for Post and Pages still did not appear. I checked between each deactivation.

    I checked the customizer and in addition to the basic GeneratePress settings, my Simple CSS and Yoast SEO Breadcrumbs settings were at the bottom of the list.

    This is a newly launched site and I am wondering if something may have gone wrong in the transfer from the development site. GP was the active theme and GP Premium was activated at the time of the launch. I have recently added Style Kits for Elementor Pro and Google Tag Manager to deploy analytics.

    The purpose of giving you these details is in case you know one of these things could be conflicting with GeneratePress. I have temporarily activated the Hello Theme so this is not a rush in case you have other more urgent matters.

    I also have the temporary login without password plugin, currently deactivated, installed in case someone wanted to talk a look. I need to send the link in a secure email.

    Thank you for your time. Let me know if you think of anything else. Regards, Milford


    Leo Customer Support

    You can send the dashboard access using Account Issue here:

    Please include the following information:
    – The URL of this topic.
    – Login URL.
    – Username and password.

    Also please disable all plugins and activate the parent theme (if you are using a child theme).


    Leo Customer Support

    I was able to add a title no problem?

    Am I missing something here?



    Hi Leo:
    Did you activate the Generate Press Theme? or the GP Premium plugin?

    I went back and the Elementor Hello theme is activated theme.

    Let me know if you need me to go back and do that?



    Leo Customer Support

    No I did not. I’d like to avoid making any changes to your site if possible.

    Please activate GP theme and GP Premium and deactivate any other activated plugins.




    Hi Leo:

    It’s up.

    Thank you Milford


    Leo Customer Support

    Can you go to Customizer > Typography and make sure everything is not set at 0s?



    Hi Leo:

    Thank you, that worked. I didn’t realize the customizer needed values since the global typography is handled through CSS. I will QA the site again.

    Have a great day
    Regards, Milford


    Leo Customer Support
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