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    I have a new install (12 hours old) with minimal (and only suggested) plugins.

    I prefer to work in the text editor. I’m using Sections

    2 things: when I try to add blank lines in the content pane of a section with repeated <p:&nbsp;</p> it will allow me to do that, apply and then update the page (and it displays my changes publicly), but when I return to the Content pane of the section, it defaults to the visual tab, and switching to the text tab shows that the blank lines have been deleted, and the public page now shows the newly-deleted version.

    So then, when I set my user to disable the visual editor when writing, when I go back to the Content pane of that section, the text box is weirdly narrowed (the text box is about 1/3 of the width of the pane itself, rather than full width) and the non-breaking spaces have been replaced with normal spaces (at least that’s what it looks like).

    Is that a bug, or do I have something set incorrectly?

    And is there an optimal way of adding blank lines?

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    This was a bug in 1.8.2, but it was fixed in 1.8.3. Have you updated to the latest version?

    Let me know πŸ™‚


    Yep. Perfect.

    You guys continue to amaze me with your support and dedication. I so wish you had an affiliate plan.

    Thank you!

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Awesome – thank you!

    We do have an affiliate program here: https://generatepress.com/affiliates/

    Let me know if you have any questions πŸ™‚



    Signed up and waiting for approval.

    What affiliate system/plugin do you use? Looks like AffiliateWP, but i’d love to know.

    Thank you again for all your help!

    Customer Support

    Affiliatewp is the one πŸ™‚

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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