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    I’ve some truoble with sticky adv on Safari iOS (iPhone).
    on Android the banner works well, but on iOS appears for less than a second!

    I’m not a child theme, and I change the theme directly, avoiding updates.

    I had solved the problem by modifying the “mobile.css” file by removing the string “webkit-transition: all 0s ease-in-out;”

    Today I updated the theme not on psicoadvisor.com but on another site (with the seme license) and the problem has recurred everywhere… and remove the string “webkit-transition: all 0s ease-in-out;” it is not enough.

    Can someone help me?


    David Customer Support

    Hi there,

    I am seeing the bottom advert banner on my iPhone 8 on Safari and Chrome.
    is this on any particular iOS device / browser / iOS version?



    It don’t appear on iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and iPhone 11 pro both.The devices has different iOS version 🙂


    David Customer Support

    Hmmm … sometimes it works and other times i am seeing a bunch of JS errors related to the ad service in the console – which means no advert is displayed at all.



    what kind of errors?
    I understand if there are errors with the “impressions” of the ads and the only one that does not deliver well is the “mobile sticky”. If so, could you take care of it?
    If there is a premium service (for a fee) to improve the site I’d like to find out 🙂
    you can write me at desimoneanna @ g m a i l. com


    David Customer Support

    So these are the errors i am seeing:

    The first few are CORS errors – the browser is blocking cross scripting ie. a request from another URL. The others are JS errors related to Advert scripts that are being fired.

    Before seeking a paid developer might be worth speaking with the Advert provider – they will have a lot more insight on this then we will.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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