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    I’ve gone through every step I can think of.
    It’s not working for menu items OR links.
    Anchor links just jump to spot.

    ‘Smooth Scroll’ is checked in customizer.
    Adding smooth-scroll class to <a> doesn’t cause the expected behaviour.
    Adding smooth-scroll class to menu items doesn’t cause expected behaviour.
    Back to top button works fine.
    I’ve tried disabling plugins.
    No caching plugins (none on server either).
    The site template hasn’t been changed much (only an additional layout element, almost no CSS).
    Tested in Chrome, Opera, Firefox

    It *does* seem to work on mobile….

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    i tested your site, the Contact Menu Item and the Featured Product Items are both working as expected. Can you make sure you have no browser extensions that are blocking Javascript ( such as an Ad Blocker ).


    Thanks for checking.
    I’ve tested on Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera. I’ve turned off/on ad blockers.
    I’ve been logged in, logged out.
    The buttons do not scroll, but just result in a jump.

    I’m testing on Windows10 machine.

    On mobile the scroll action works.
    The action works in OSX.

    What script is being loaded to allow the scroll?

    What OS did you test in?
    Can you verify on Win10? What could possibly be OS-dependent across browsers?


    Okay, found the issue – it is OS-specific.

    It seems others on this forum had the issue:


    Under Windows 10 – Ease of Access –> Display
    Enable “Show Animations in Windows”

    However, why does the back-to-top button work even when this is not enabled?
    What code is that using for the scroll?
    Tom seems to suggest that it’s using https://github.com/cferdinandi/smooth-scroll (https://generatepress.com/forums/topic/smooth-scroll-not-working-with-generateblocks/#post-1263946) but also that it has been deprecated in favour of a css-based method.

    Customer Support

    The back to top is a very simple script. All it does is send the viewport scroll to the top of the page, theres no complex find this ID, calculate the scroll position etc…

    Theres not much we can do about this if the browser / OS is blocking the script.

    Once CSS scroll-behaviour is fully supported across all browsers we’ll most likely review the need for the JS script GP uses.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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