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    I am experiencing very slow website loading speeds. Confirmed via Google Pagespeed, Pingdom and GTMetrix.
    My site is especially slow on Mobile. I’ve tried all the caching plugins (including W3 total cache) checked with my host to no avail.
    Can you please offer some suggestions

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    your site is making 174 requests! To put that into perspective – this site is around 40.
    Our optimization tips here will help reduce some of them by combining local CSS and JS files:

    The other issue is the large number of adverts being loaded on the site, every one of them requires multiple scripts to installed, i suggest you remove some to reduce it further.


    Thanks for your advice.
    I’ve installed and activated Autoptimize but it has not really improved the speed.
    Regarding the Ad scripts; im only trying to run 4 ads on each page max. This does not seem like too large an amount?
    Any additional tips would be much appreciated as I still have a very slow load time!

    Customer Support

    It may only be 4 Ads but it looks like they are coming from multiple sources, GoogleSyndicate, Amazon, Ezoic etc….. If you check GT Metrix > YSlow > Reduce DNS Lookups you will see how many there are and how many components each require, the detail of which is in the Waterfall report.

    The only control you have over third party request is to choose not to use them.

    Aside of this i notice that your server requests have a long waiting time, something you may want to take up with your host, but you probably want to deal with the above before that.


    Thank you. I’ve actually deactivated the ads and run the page speed tests again. My site is still loading at a similar slow speed.
    I’ve also contacted my host and they’ve said there is nothing they can do from their end.
    Really not sure what the best approach is here.

    Customer Support

    I assume you have switched off caches as there are now 204 requests….
    The worst offenders are doubleclick and ezoic – over 70 requests between them.
    Personally i would remove all adverts, flush the caches ( plugins and server ), then re-test your site to make sure they are a. cleared and b. what local issues you have that can be fixed.

    Once you have the site as well optimized as possible add one advert service at a time and see how that fairs.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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