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    I have a strange issue that I do not seem to find a solution for.
    We have moved many pages away from X-Theme and use Generatepress now.
    On the sites with generatepress the performance is excellent with regards to speed.
    Kindly check https://heilfasten-portal.com/fachartikel-fasten/heilfasten-grundlagen-fastenkur.html as an example.
    After visiting the page you can continue on using the webpage at the same speed.
    However: If you accept the GDPR message at the bottom of https://heilfasten-portal.com/fachartikel-fasten/heilfasten-grundlagen-fastenkur.html (it is a consent for YouTube cookies) the page will be slow from now on. Actually the whole website becomes slow: Even pages, where YouTube does not run. Very often Chrome “is waiting for cache” for couple of seconds.

    Now: If I do the same thing on the X-Theme websites e.g. https://diegesundheitsblogger.com/arbeitsbeispiele/ where you accept the GDPR message at the bottom, there are no slowdowns after that. You can use the site normally.

    Any idea what is causing this? Any help would be highly appreciated,
    thank you,

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    This sounds like a very strange issue.

    Have you disabled the GDPR message on the page you’ve linked? I’m not seeing it.

    It’s possible that I’m missing something as the site isn’t in English.

    Are you using a plugin for the GDPR message? What happens if you switch to another plugin?


    Hi Leo,
    as we are very strict on cookie usage (and not use e.g. tracking cookies) we do not (have to) use a cookie bar. Information in the data protection section is enough.
    The only consent cookie that we use is YouTube (using this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/youtube-embed-plus/)… The consent message is there, where the video is supposed to be. It looks like a black box, white letters with a red confirmation button in the post (not a bar at the bottom).

    The only alternative we have is to install e.g. borlabs cookies and have the consent bar and blocking features of YouTube. We don’t want that, as it works perfectly fine like this.

    All the best,


    hi Leo,
    I researched it further. I think I know the cause: As soon someone accepts the YouTube Cookie, the page is no longer cached.
    This is intended behaviour, as otherwise YouTube videos won’t play any more on mobile view. Now: As it seems the speed gained by WP Rocket on Generatepress is higher then on X Theme. Hence you feel the difference so much…
    I will look for a workaround to keep the site cached while having a consent message on YouTube.
    Thank you,

    Customer Support

    Glad you’ve figured out 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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