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    Hi, there!

    I decided to move my site on the theme of GeneratePress. I was hoping that the theme would cease to be the cause of slow download speeds. Of course, I bought a Premium theme to implement some of the necessary features. In the past few days, I have done many site speed tests and am a little discouraged by the results. As a result, I disabled all plugins (and the Premium theme too) with the exception of Woocommerce.
    But even with one Woocommerce, the test shows:
    that on the first page request, the very first line of the waterfall is too long.
    Only Woocommerce. Nothing more.

    Of course, the second and third request is better, but the first request is an indicator.
    In addition, I understand that after activating a premium theme, the speed will decrease even more. Not to mention the plugins that I need for the site to work. There are not many, but each will affect the speed.
    Can you help me figure out the situation and find the reason for the delays?

    I do not use Autoptimize because my hoster (sitedistrict.com) sayed me that it just makes site slower.

    Please, notice that only links in “KATALOG” menu works correctly because i deactivated plugin with attribute filters. And items cards will look strange because Premium theme is deactivated.
    Of course, I am ready to give you access to the site.
    I still hope that the site will work faster with your theme.

    Thanks in advance.
    Regards, Sergey.

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    i think you misunderstand what the Theme is responsible for, its not a magic wand that will optimize the content you add to your site or improve the perfomance of your server. It provides the base templates, theme styles and scripts required to provide the framework and base styles of your site.

    Out of the box GP free theme makes 3 requests with a overhead of 15kb. Adding Premium and using all of its options would only probably double this but no more.

    That page is making 84 requests with a 650kb overhead.
    So where do the other 80 requests and 630kb comes from ? Well that is the content you have added – to start with 48 products loaded in one pass is the major factor. Each one will need an image so thats 48 requests. Then you have fonts, product related styles and scripts to be requested.

    So in total the theme is accounting for 2 – 3% of the requests and overhead…..

    The D rating you have on first byte time – is how long it takes for your server to respond to the initial request, make connection and deliver the first byte of data. This will be related to A. You’re Network connection and B. The performance of the server.

    My recommendations would be to reduce the number of products you display on the page to a more reasonable number such as 18. There are also 7 google font requests so maybe that could reduced.

    Overall though i would not be complaining about that page load time for a woo page with that many products. Its pretty good.


    hi, David!

    Thanks, i understand.
    Have a nice day.

    Regards, Sergey.

    Customer Support
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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