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    I’m currently writing a post that I want to give the slug “coindiligent(DOT)com/best-cryptocurrency-wallets”.

    However, for some reason each time I save it, it auto changes to “coindiligent(DOT)com/best-cryptocurrency-wallets-2”.

    The weird thing is, as you can see, there is no content at “/best-cryptocurrency-wallets” so I don’t understand why this is happening?

    At first, I thought that it was not an issue with Generate Press so I looked for help in other forums. The following two solutions were suggested:

    – look if you have an image/file called “best cryptocurrency wallets”: Nope, there isn’t one
    – look if there is a post/page in your drafts/trash with that slug: Nope, there isn’t one either

    So as a last resort I decided to reach out to you guys to see if you have an insight on this… I would appreciate your help a lot

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    GP definitely doesn’t add something like that automatically for you.

    Permalinks are handled by WordPress.

    As you researched, generally that means there is an existing post/page with the same name somewhere…

    If you are sure there aren’t in draft or trash, what if you just edit the permalink of that post?


    Hi Leo, appreciate the quick response.

    I tried but it keeps adding the “-2” back 🙁

    Customer Support

    Then the link without “-2” still exists somewhere.

    I’d double check that there absolutely nothing that you can see, if so then might be good to check with your host to see if anything is cached in there.

    Nothing we can do from the theme’s standpoint unfortunately.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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