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    Hi there,

    hope you’re doing fine. I’m about to switch the Current theme of my site to GP, hence I’m trying to develop the layout on a temporary site. I have three issues that I can’t resolve by myself.

    First off, the content on single posts is wider than the header. I know its a content width issue but I need them 10px padding on each side for the frontpage layout.

    thanks a ton and in advance for your time and effort

    edited to add
    same issue on archives

    Customer Support

    Hi there

    did you find a solution? I am not able to see the issue on my desktop or mobile responsive views – let me know 🙂


    Hi David,

    thank you for chiming in to check out my issue. Happily, I fixed this one along with them self-created share buttons and font-awesome as well as the titles and ellipsis.

    I’d like to add icons to the post-types, like a play icon for video type and so on..furthermore it would be awesome to have them posts show up like standard posts on archives, regardless of the post type.

    Any idea on how to master this challenge?

    thanks in advance for your time & effort


    Here’s the css part for them post type icons

    /***** Post Format Icons *****/
    .thumb-icon { display: block; position: relative; width: 100%; height: 100%; overflow: hidden; }
    .format-image .thumb-icon:after, .format-gallery .thumb-icon:after, .format-video .thumb-icon:after, .format-audio .thumb-icon:after { position: absolute; right: 5%; bottom: 5%; font-family: “FontAwesome”; font-size: 15px; line-height: 1; color: #fff; padding: 10px; border: 2px solid #fff; border-radius: 100%; z-index: 999; background: rgba(0,0,0,0.4); }
    .format-image .thumb-icon-small:after, .format-gallery .thumb-icon-small:after, .format-video .thumb-icon-small:after, .format-audio .thumb-icon-small:after { font-size: 10px; padding: 5px; }
    .format-image .thumb-icon:after { content: ‘\f030’; }
    .format-gallery .thumb-icon:after { content: ‘\f03e’; }
    .format-video .thumb-icon:after { content: ‘\f04b’; padding: 10px 12px; }
    .format-audio .thumb-icon:after { content: ‘\f028’; padding: 10px 11px; }
    .format-video .thumb-icon-small:after, .format-audio .mh-thumb-icon-small:after { padding: 5px 6px; }

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    Any chance you can create a new topic for the video format question? Question-specific topics make it easier for other users to search the topics later.

    Let me know 🙂


    Hi there,

    of course and please excuse my ignorance!

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Thank you! No worries at all! 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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