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[Resolved] Section disappears in post when I hit "Save"

Home Forums Support [Resolved] Section disappears in post when I hit "Save"

Home Forums Support Section disappears in post when I hit "Save"

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    Tried to create a post with sections today. Hit “Apply” after creating the section, then “save” (it was still in draft). The section disappeared, and nothing that I wrote seems to have been saved by Heartbeat—that latter part is not your problem and I know why that happened, it’s just a piece of information I am sharing in case it’s relevant.

    I’ve gone in and tweaked Heartbeat to run every 60 seconds, as I had it running less frequently when the problem occurred. But losing a section when I hit save still seems odd, like it shouldn’t be dependent on Heartbeat.

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    GP Premium 1.5.6
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    Hi there,

    That’s weird. We haven’t received any reports on this.

    Are you able to test with non-GP plugins disabled?


    Thanks! I am probably not going to try to recreate the issue, because I don’t often use sections in posts. (In fact, this was the first time, so I thought there might be some glitch/issue/step unique to posts vs pages.)

    I had just installed Redirection plugin by John Godley and Better Click to Tweet. I have those plug-ins on other sites and don’t remember this problem occurring on them, but like I’ve said, I don’t usually use sections in posts.

    The only plug-ins I have on this site that aren’t on others are Automatic Responsive Tables by Andrew Rockwell and Category to Pages WUD. I did have a table in the section I was working on, but I’ve had tables in previous sections with that plug-in active without this issue arising.

    Who knows. Even with changing my Heartbeat settings, WordPress is not automatically saving drafts as often as it should in general. So maybe it’s to do with that. It might have to do with something with my chron settings through my host?

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hmm, very strange. I can’t think of anything that would do that – Sections shouldn’t depend on Heartbeat.

    Let me know if it happens again 🙂


    Will do!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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