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    Hi there, it seems search console has reported many error pages as of today but I never created these pages..

    The site is aswebdeveloper.com

    Error report

    How can I resolve this

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    aside of any pages that a Site Library imports, GP doesn’t add any other pages or content, and those links are definitely not coming from a Site Import. They look like maybe legacy links from a site previously attached to that domain. If they have only just appeared then you may want to check with your host to see if they can tell when and how those ‘pages’ were added.


    How would one go about removing the legacy links


    I’ve had a look at your website. You have a lot of errors.

    One is that on this page:

    you have a ‘Get started’ button

    If you click on that it goes to:

    But that page doesn’t exist. So that will cause a search console error.

    You also have ‘dummy’ pages that really shouldn’t be there e.g.:

    Go to Google and type in:

    It will list all the pages that Google has in its index for your site

    You will need to create a redirect for all of the pages that no longer exist.

    Can I suggest that if you don’t know how to do a redirect, that you don’t ask here as it is a basic task – nothing to do with generatepress.


    Thanks natalie, yes the site has some errors its still in developing stages, i understand there is some of the demo content still there from the theme install.

    shortly after this post i changed my slug for the get in touch page and hadn’t yet updated my other pages with the old slug.

    I know how to make a 404 page and have already done that, but in my case a 410 page is more suitable and am currently working on that.

    I have already sent my request in with search console to have these pages removed.

    As david said that they are legacy links from the previous site at this domain.
    I should have posted my question differently about the legacy links and it was more aimed towards search console and being impatient to see these links there, but i have figured it out.

    Customer Support

    Glad to hear you found the solution Anthony !

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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