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    Silvio van de ven

    I have a problem, and i don’t know hat is wrong.

    I am an expert WordPress user en builder, but the issue that i get now here is for me very weird.

    I have set some widgets in my right sidebar, but the right sidebar is not visible in the right sidebar area but he’s visible in my footer. But i have no widgets installed in my footer. This is for me very strange, but what is going wrong.

    The site where this problem is = http://www.verhuizenkanooksamen.nl

    Kind regards,

    Silvio V


    Tom Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    When the layout goes weird like this, it means you have broken HTML somewhere in your content or widgets.

    For example, you have an opening <div>, but not a closing </div>.

    If it happens on every single page, it’s probably some code in your widgets.

    If it’s only on that one page, it’s most likely in the content specific to that page.

    Let me know if you need more info 🙂



    Hoi Tom,

    I don’t have removed anything in my html. So i don’t no the solution of
    this issue is. Maybe you can’t take a look in my backend admin to see what
    is wrong.

    I have made for an new user account, i can’t send you the credentials

    I hope that you can’t help me with this.

    Kind Regards




    Hi Tom,

    I check everything again, but the problem is not solved. I believe the problem is wide in the right sidebar, but i don’t know what!

    Please i hope you can’t and will help me with this.


    Silvio V


    Tom Lead Developer

    If you run the code for the page through an HTML validator, you’ll see there’s a stray </div> tag.

    Looks like it could be in your left sidebar.



    Hi Tom,

    I have everything checked with a HTML validator, and i see some errors, but i have not the knowledge to solve this.

    So i hope that someone is capable to help me when i send the backend credentials?


    Silvio V


    Tom Lead Developer

    I’m afraid that’s a little out of the scope of this forum, but I’m quite positive you’ll find the issue in one of your left sidebar widgets.

    Otherwise, you might have to hire someone to login and take a look.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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