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    Sibi Paul


    I have few doubts.

    Currently, My Site is Hosted with Siteground, and getting good speed ( I think so, please check and let me know )

    I was Used Google Analytics Codes and Adsense, in my Old Theme.

    I have Removed Everything, And Moved to Siteground, Here I installed Fresh WordPress and Fresh Generatepress theam.

    Then I configured and getting good speed.

    As I told, I have not yet installed Jetpack Plugin

    I dont want to See my page speed is low than current speed.

    so, every next step is very careful…

    In my Old Theme, and Hosting… ( Namecheap )

    Google Analytics and Adsense Codes, Makes My Site Alot Down.

    Without That codes My site gets 95+ on page speed…

    when added GA and adsense, then getting below 80..


    Here I wanted to Ask you…

    Question 1 – Without Reduce the Speed, How can I use Google Adsense and Google Analytics in Generate Press.

    Question 2 – Can I Install Jetpack ? – will this reduce speed ?

    Question 3 – How to Show 6 Related Posts in every Single Post ? – will this Reduce Speed ?

    Question 4 – AMP is Not Used in Old Theme and Host, Can I use AMP in Generate Press ? , I dont think AMP is Important, Because Without That Generate press works good… ( just asking to Learn )

    Customer Support

    1. You can use the Hooks Element to add your GA and Adsense codes or (Google Tag Manager codes).

    GA and AdSense make external server requests. The more Ads you have the more requests it makes the bigger impact on performance. This can be one of the worst for speed impact.

    2. You can install JetPack

    Jetpack adds a lot of functions, and styles to a site. This can have an impact on load speed. It can also be the root of a lot of conflicts with other plugins. Personally i would source lightweight plugins that provide what you need as opposed to this all in one solution.

    3. Would require a related Posts plugin

    Related posts run a lot of queries on each page load. The more posts you have and the more intense the alogrithm it uses to find related posts will have an impact on your server and can drastically slow down a site with a lot of posts.

    4. Yes, you would require an AMP Plugin.
    But i would question the need for having it.

    Sibi Paul

    1 – GA and Adsense

    Few Months Before, I copied GA files and Adsense files then Hosted in Local Server,

    Then Created a Cron job to run it every 30 minutes.

    so, file hosted locally will be optimized…

    but many said that’s a violation of Google Adsense policy.

    Doubt – does GA and Adsense required ?

    does that really helps to Rank my site in google ?

    I use webmaster , webmaster not need any tracking codes to be inserted… as you know, just a domain verification is enogh.

    so that wont hurt load time.

    but GA affects page speed.

    I need clarification in this

    2 – Jetpack…

    is there any specific advantages ? that only in jetpack ?

    page views in dashboard is an advantage…

    and publicize posts when publish …

    and somethings like that…


    is there anything more than this, very uniq and very outstanding ?

    3 – Generatepress does not have a function to show related articles ?

    Jetpack has, so, should I use jetpack for this function ?

    or, without affect page load, do you have a better solution ?

    if yes, let me know…

    Customer Support

    1. These are probably better asked on the Google dev forums then here.
    2. I don’t use JetPack as a rule due to the amount of bloat and potential conflicts. There are plenty of other plugins like Monster Insights that give you SERP data in the dashboard. Google are also about to release one.
    3. No Related Post Function in GP as this better controlled by one of the may plugins. Alternative to Related and without the overhead is to use a plugin to display a set of posts that you define – GP’s author created this one which is very ligthweight but limited to a fixed query:


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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