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    Hi there!

    I am using the latest GP Premium and WordPress.
    I implemented an about-page with a specific html5 theme via an iframe. It turns out though that it is quite difficult to make it responsive and to keep it up to date – it is a messy solution. That is why I was wondering whether it would be possible to rebuild it using the GP section element (a few changes included). Basically I would like to get a quick evaluation from you before I start creating the page:

    – There should not be a horizontal scroll (like at the moment) but vertical one.
    – The sections should look roughly the same as the tiles, meaning: There should be titles, subtitles, underlines, text but also background images underneath each tile.
    – They should be responsive and make up a rather large part of the screen (in-between the header and footer) depending on the viewport – or on mobile: take up the whole space in-between the header and footer. Also: Would it be possible to create the “3D” effect of having a background image (in the background – currently grayish) and the tiles in the foreground including box shadow (while each tile still has its own background image)?

    I want to avoid using an external pagebuilder which would slow down my page speed further.

    Thank you for your time

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    You may want to look at our new GenerateBlocks plugin: https://generateblocks.com

    It extends the core WordPress editor and allows you to build containers with background images like this. It’s like a page builder, but without all of the bloat.

    It’s still in a testing phase, but it’s moving along quickly and will be available on WordPress.org soon.


    Good morning Tom.
    I really like your generateblocks plugin but I can’t get it to work on my Generatepress site.

    If you want I will send you my access data.

    I can’t understand what the problem is.

    Thanks and greetings from Italy

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    we have seen your support email to GenerateBlocks. We will answer that request.


    Hi again,
    Thanks for the suggestion. So I take it that the sections plugin would not provide the features needed to rebuild the abovementioned page? I will take a look at generateblocks to see whether it works or is a suitable option.

    Edit: I installed the plugin but – apart from the settings section – do not see any change in the backend. I read that a dashboard entry has not been made just yet but once I create a new page or post nothing is different. I am using the classic editor plugin and TinyMCE advanced instead of the Gutenberg editor.
    SohHow do I make the generateblocks plugin work?

    And a third question: Will there be an option to load fonts locally?

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    GenerateBlocks will only work with the Gutenberg editor.

    You could try using our Sections module with the Classic editor, but that module will eventually be deprecated in favor of the new editor.


    Hm ok,

    I just read that TinyMCE advanced is compatible with the Gutenberg editor. Before I had also conflated the Classic editor and TinyMCE advanced. So I am glad that they work together.

    Can you still answer my last question regarding the use of local fonts?

    Best regards

    Customer Support

    For GenerateBlocks yes you can use a Local font, either one that is applied in the Customizer as the Body or heading fonts – or directly within the blocks typography settings.


    Hm so I tried around with Generate Blocks a bit but could not replicate my about page the way I wanted to.

    The thing I cannot replicate is creating a linear gradient in the background of each section – not the whole block. The block already has a linear gradient (Thank you for that useful feature.).
    This is what it is supposed to look like: https://alexandrin.de/about-subpage/
    So there is a background behind the panels. Each panel – text, image etc. – has a linear gradient.

    The structure I want to replicate is:
    – page background: linear gradient
    – in front of the page background: panels which have an own linear gradient or an image as a background and contain text in the foreground.

    I fiddled around with the custom css box underneath the post but that did not yield any results.

    This is what my dummy page looks like – I used two “classic paragraph” sections:

    I am not sure whether this is due to the whole Gutenberg layout but so far it still feels quite unintuitive (still appreciate the existence of the plugin) – too many options to switch to a different mode etc. So it feels a bit like the menu is a mix of being cluttered and too empty/hidden at times.

    2.) There is a bug/compatibility issue with a plugin. Should I report it here or elsewhere?

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Couldn’t you add a Container block around your inner Container blocks?

    That way you could apply your gradient to the outer container, then apply different backgrounds to each of the inner containers.

    Bug reports should be reported here: https://generateblocks.com/help/



    Ah sometimes it can be so easy. Thank you – this works splendidly.
    Is there any way, to add box shadow to a container?

    Edit: I added some via CSS.

    And sure – I will report the bug there.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer
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