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    Hi! Just bought premium. I’m currently using GP to build a couple side-brand websites for our company as a way to test and familiarize myself with the toolset before I rebuild our corporate B2C site later this year.

    I love GP so far, but I have to tell you – the ability to save & re-use Sections is a much-needed feature for this platform.

    I (and pretty much every large-scale site manager I know) refuse to use Gutenberg or blocks, because… it’s just a terrible, terrible system. There’s a reason the Classic Editor plugin has over 5M installs.

    I would love to be able to create sections and deploy them globally across the site. I really need to be able to edit a section once and have the edits syndicate to all pages that use that section.

    Is this on the roadmap? Can it be done currently, even if it involves custom coding?

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    Hi there,

    Sections won’t be getting any updates with the emergence of Gutenberg unfortunately.

    I agree that Gutenberg still has lots of room for improvement but it is the future for sure.

    Have you tried our newly released (beta) Generate Blocks?

    It’s built to basically replace sections. Then you can use the default duplicate block option.


    Hey thanks, Leo. Appreciate the response. GenerateBlocks doesn’t appear to be a solution for this problem.

    I’m looking into whether Elements (possibly in conjunction with Advanced Custom Fields?) might be the answer.

    Customer Support

    Not sure if I understand.

    Element and sections are two different things. Whereas Sections and Generate Blocks are quite offers similar features.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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