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    On only the two newest blog posts my “Read more” buttons are not working. The blog posts themselves have the appropriate element in the articles themselves, but the required functionality is not rendering on the website frontend.

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    Hi there,

    The content of the linked page is actually coming from Beaver Builder so I’m not quite certain if the read more button is handled by GP or not.

    Here are the few reasons why read more might not be working:

    If this doesn’t help, can you check with BB’s support first?

    Let me know ๐Ÿ™‚



    I’m experiencing the same problem. My content is build within WordPress, and I’m using the standard post functionality. I’ve not added nor deleted any of the elements. I set my home page to static, and posts to “Thought Leadership.” I originally set the reading setting to “summary.” When the Read More link did not work, I switched to full text and re-published the post. Neither Chrome nor Edge resolve the post in full text, and the Read More button does not work. I’ve cleared the cache in both browsers to no avail. The only other element is I’ve enabled the “share to social” feature in order to share the post in Facebook and LinkedIn. Here is the link: https://strategiceventprocurement.com/thought-leadership/

    I’m relying on my website for marketing, and my audience can’t read my content. I’m on GeneratePress premium, and I have the most up-to-date version.

    I’m hoping you can help.

    Customer Support

    Can you open a new topic please?



    Hey guys,

    I reached out to the folks @ Beaver Builder. They resolved my issue, but their solution was a work-around which required modifying code based on how your theme works. Since their technical folks specifically mentioned that the “workaround” was needed because of how your theme works I thought I should include their comments for your reference:

    Okay so BB actually ignores the read more tag as it has broken our mark-up in the past but we may need to look again with the new WP Editor. Even though BB ignores it, it looks like your theme (GP) force displays it somehow. And the problem appears to be even though you are not using the Posts Module read more tag, the settings for it are controlling when it should display still because the default excerpt length is 55 so any posts where the text before read me is 55 or more, it displays and those that have less, it does not.

    So to get around that, I set the Post Module excerpt control to 15 and now it displays for all. I’m not sure why we had to do that but to me that seems like a bug so I’ll file that for our devs to look into.

    I’m going to close the ticket since the issue is technically resolved, but you might want to consider making some code changes so workarounds like this aren’t required for people in my situation.

    Thanks for your help with this issue; have a great day!

    Customer Support

    Thanks for reporting back ๐Ÿ™‚

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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