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[Resolved] Published Posts link to Opps! Page

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Home Forums Support Published Posts link to Opps! Page

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    Greetings! I am attempting to start a new blog for a podcast. I’ve got Generatepress, the GP add-ons for multi-column layout, and the Serious Simple Podcasting plugin. As far as I can tell, I’m doing everything right when I publish a new podcast post. When I try to edit my podcast post from inside the WP Dashboard, the post content is all there and it looks fine. The published post excerpt on the home page looks. Yet any attempt to click on the excerpt takes me to the “Opps! That Page Can’t Be Found” page, even though it is specifying the exact same URL permalink that I see when editing the post.

    It appears to be a conflict with the podcasting plugin since I did a test with an editorial blog post and a book review post that both behave normally. Yet I’ve published two versions of the podcast page and both end up as dead links. Here is the home page for my blog:

    There are four sample posts. The two with “Podcast” in the title are broken. The other two seem to work fine. There is no obvious reason why one post type would work fine, but the other doesn’t. Behind the scenes, the only difference between the working posts and the broken posts is that the broken ones have a podcast file attached via the plugin instructions. I’ve been scouring the forums here, at WP, and at Seriously Simple Podcasting, and no one else seems to be having this problem, unless it’s hidden in a post without a title or key phrases that relate to the problem.


    Okay, I’ve just discovered that if I do not apply a post category to the podcast posts, then they seem to work fine. However, this is not an adequate solution because I need to be able to put podcast posts in a category of their own.


    RESOLVED: I don’t know why, but the problem was caused by having a custom post category called “Podcast.” This apparently conflicted with something the plugin was doing under the hood. I changed the custom category to “Podcasts” and now everything works.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    That’s super strange. I know that sometimes creating new post types requires you to re-save the permalinks option in “Settings > Reading”.

    Glad you found a solution 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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