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    I have SEOPress installed on http://www.ceescoenen.nl . It builds a sitemap.xml file for google in https://www.ceescoenen.nl/sitemap.xml . When I follow the link it works.
    After a couple of hours there is a 404 error on that link.
    The developper has asked me to look of there is no CRON (see the start of this ticket). I have set the MAX_POST_SIZE to 100. Same issues. The developper has installed rewrite rules inspector and there are a lot of errors.
    The developer say he doesn’t understand why this doesn’t work and this is the first time that this problem occurs but he can’t help me. He says that the problem is the hosting, the theme or a plugin.
    So! I’ve contact my hosting provider HostedWithLove. They say that this is software problem. Second is my theme….
    Can anybody help me? My knowledge about permalinks and rewrite rules are too bad. Can it be a problem in the theme?

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    i can’t see what in GP would be causing this problem.
    the sitemap.xml link redirects to sitemaps.xml (?) has the plugin author mentioned this?

    Aside of flushing permalinks in the SEO plugin and WordPress the only other suggestion would be to try debugging firstly by removing other plugins to see if there is a conflict.


    Yes I have mentioned that. This is a live site and I can’t disable plugins. And what can I test?

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    I suggest creating a staging site so you can fully debug what’s going on.

    The theme itself isn’t aware of any sitemap.xml, so it can’t cause any redirects or 404s.

    The fact that sitemap.xml is redirecting to sitemaps.xml tells me there’s a redirect happening. Redirects can happen on the server side of things (.htaccess file, nginx configuration file etc..), or they can be done inside plugins using wp_redirect().

    Is there a physical sitemap.xml file in the root of your website?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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