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    Juan Carlos

    Hi guys!!
    I have had a problem for several days, which I cannot solve, and I have already tried many things without obtaining results

    this is the stage

    Clean installation of the following items:

    Generatepress 3.1.0
    GP Premium 2.1.1

    no other plugin
    no css in GeneratePress theme

    Basic configuration of Woocommerce, and register a couple of products

    Set up a menu for tests



    The problem is the following:

    When I refresh a page that has enough content for the scroll to appear, the scroll disappears for a few milliseconds while the page is refreshing. When the scroll disappears for a few milliseconds, all the content of the web moves to the right until the scroll appears again.

    I click many times to refresh the page, and the problem appears.

    It doesn’t happen every time, but it’s very annoying for my clients …

    I have noticed that the effect happens more frequently, if the page is visited in an incognito window.

    I don’t know how to solve this problem.

    This problem disappears when I change the subject.

    Sorry for the translation…

    Customer Support

    Hi Juan,

    I tried open the link in an incognito window and refreshed serval times, but I don’t see the issue.

    Checked the site, don’t see anything suspicious either.

    Let us know if you can find in what kind of condition the behavior would triggered.

    Juan Carlos

    Hello Ying
    Thanks for your quick response.
    I send you the link of a video so you can see the problem.

    seconds 10 and 23 approximately.

    it is the same problem with chrome, firefox and brave.



    Customer Support

    You have an empty sidebar, I wonder if that’s the issue.

    Can you go to customizer > layout > Woocommerce > Single Product, set Sidebar Layout to Content (no sidebars).

    Let me know if this helps 🙂

    Juan Carlos

    I have tried it before, but the problem persists.
    I can’t solve the problem …
    I’ll keep doing tests, but I really don’t understand what is causing that problem.
    Clean installation of wordpress, clean installation of the theme and plugin …
    I have even changed the version of php, but I can’t solve it either …
    latest version of chrome and visualization of windows 7 and windows 10 pro …

    I’ll keep doing tests …

    Customer Support

    Keep us updated if you find anything 🙂

    Juan Carlos

    I keep having problems.

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    what exactly is the issue ? The Loom you shared has expired.

    Juan Carlos

    I have sent a private to Ying, but in the same way I mention it to you.

    The problem is that when I click on the navigation links or refresh the page, many times the web scrolls to the right, occupying the scroll space. The scroll disappears for a few milliseconds and this causes an undesirable effect that I cannot fix.



    Juan Carlos
    Customer Support

    Have you tried switching to other theme, does the issue still persists?

    Juan Carlos

    Hello. No, with other themes I don’t have that problem.

    I have discovered a widget, I don’t know how it appeared …
    the widget has as name:

    Custom Widget Area – # 1

    the content is as follows:

    Display this widget area in your theme with:
    <? php dynamic_sidebar (‘smartslider_area_1’); ?>

    can this wirdget be the cause of the problem?

    It is not a widget that you can remove like the rest …


    Customer Support

    I am not sure where you’re seeing that but going by the code it displays it sounds like its the Smart Slider plugin.
    I am not sure if that would be an issue – especially if its on pages that don’t use the slider. You could test with that plugin disabled.

    Juan Carlos

    I don’t get much …
    I have the following errors in the error_log file:

    PHP Warning: Undefined array key “font_secondary_navigation” in ……/public_html/wp-content/themes/generatepress/inc/typography.php on line 911

    PHP Warning: Undefined array key 0 in ……/public_html/wp-content/plugins/gp-premium/woocommerce/functions/functions.php on line 1211

    How can I avoid these errors?

    Thank you!!

    Juan Carlos

    those errors, they appear to me constantly

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