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    Dear colleagues!

    Please advise what is the priority between Elements, theme settings and Elementor? May be you have such information to read in your documentation.

    I would like to understand how it works between each other: settings of the theme and Elements and what will happen if I’ll make a header in the Elementor? And should I deactivate some of modules (for instance Header) of the GP using Header made by Elements? I will explain why I’m asking: I suppose such things can be important for speed of the whole site. May be you have some recommendations or checklist for main mistakes?

    And also do you have recommended list of plugins for security, optimisation and cleaning of database – perfectly compatible with GP? Or the best decision to use less other plugins to keep speed level in good zone?

    PS and also – in your videos I see that you can load the custom logo in the Elements panel making the Header – but in my panel I don’t see such thing (just mobile logo) – why?

    Thanks a lot in advance,

    GeneratePress 2.2.2

    Elementor is a pagebuilder. I would from experience recommend not to work with Elementor, because the website could slow down and Google does not love it. Dont use heavy plugins. (http://pagepipe.com/how-elementor-page-builder-affects-mobile-page-speed/)

    Elements is from GP and should used. Look here: https://docs.generatepress.com/article/elements-overview/

    For optimization please look to the tutorials and reviews to the blog http://pagepipe.com/

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    so traditionally:

    Theme – responsible for the overall site styling covering all theme elements ( header, nav, sidebars, footer, content layout etc. ) as well as typography and colors.

    Pagebuilder – replaces the core Editor and was designed for building content ( not the theme ). You can disable global typography and colors within the pagebuilder so they inherit the themes. This is generally the better practice providing global control.

    Elements – elements add content / data using Hooks within the GP Templates. The Layout and Header Element provides dynamic ways to override the global settings defined in the Customizer. Such as Layouts: Sidebars, footer widgets, pagebuilder containers. Header Elements: Change navigation colors and logos if the Site Header is merged. Hooks are great for adding in global content using HTML, PHP or plugin shortcodes as well as scripts like Google Analytics.


    Pagebuilder ‘themers’ – these allow you to replace the core GP templates with their own. In Elementor you are provided with a Canvas and Full Width template to build upon. Upon doing so you lose most of the Customzier Layout functionality you also lose GP Hooks.

    Whether they are Theme templates or just general templates I would avoid using the Canvas or Fullwidth due to the lost customizer control and hooks and in turn use GP Layout Element to create my own canvas by disabling elements and setting the pagebuilder container size.

    Changing logos:

    This is available if you create a new Header Element in Appearance Elements and then set the Site Header to be merged. The options to change logos along with Header and Nav colors is then made available.

    Thank you Ender for providing some useful info:

    We provide optimization tips here:

    Security is paramount and you should definitely use a plugin.
    WordFence and iThemes Security are two well respected names.


    Thanks a lot David and Ender:)


    Customer Support

    You’re welcome. Glad we could be of help.


    Dear David, just one question more:

    By saying “themers” – do you mean “theme constructor” from Elementor? If I understand well, the better way is to ignore this part and use GP customiser and Elements. So the question is – what about “Popup” module of Elementor? It’s not included in constructor, but it’s also some global thing (I suppose it may be the similar thing). And as I need its functionality – will it also give those negative effects you described above?

    If that is yes – “you will loose Hooks” – does it mean, for instance, the code of Analytics won’t work at the hole site?

    Thank you so much,

    Customer Support

    Thats correct: Themer = Theme Builder ( constructor ).

    Pop-ups are safe to use. They don’t replace any theme templates. So you won’t lose the Hooks.


    Thanks! Now that’s clear!)

    Customer Support
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