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    On a site with GP Premium 1.4, is it possible to preview GP Premium 1.5 on the site before committing to using it, just to make sure there are no issues.


    Tom Lead Developer

    The best way is to build a staging site in a sub-folder.

    So say your website is mywebsite.com.

    Create a new folder like this: mywebsite.com/staging

    Then use a plugin like Duplicator to copy your current website, and install it in your staging folder.

    Then you’ll be able to login to /staging and make any changes you need before doing them on the live site 🙂


    Gary L

    I was just about to ask this question and found this thread. Do you know if I make a folder like /staging using duplicator plugin, that I need to make a database for it or does it reference the mywebsite.com wordpress install database?



    Tom Lead Developer

    You would need to create a fresh database for the staging site.


    Gary L

    Ok Great! I guess since it’s a new wordpress install, I will be able to turn off access to the search engines so the bots stay out of /staging? Or is there a better way to do it?



    Gary L

    I wanted to ask also. Do I still use the import/export files for customizer or is it where you just move all the files from /staging to root?


    Tom Lead Developer

    Yes, you can prevent access to the staging install so only you can see it.

    If you’re using a plugin like Duplicator, it will take care of all the Customizer values as well 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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