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    It would be good if we can use Posts as Elements in order to have visual representation of the content.

    That way people can use Gutenberg for creating nice inserts.

    Not everyone is a developer and a coder.

    At the moment the folks from Astra have that.

    Of course you can still edit the code, but the main part should be post editor.

    If I want to insert Gutenberg element to every post as a Hook, I should copy the code from the editor?

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    We’ll have something like this in GPP 1.10 🙂


    Will it support Gutenberg, I found if is much better for performance to use Gutenberg than plugins.

    That way I can use Gutenberg blocks as Elements for author bio, table of contents, sharing buttons and more without sacrificing performance with cluttered plugins.

    Will you support Gutenberg and will it be visual and code switchable like posts?

    Can I use currently the code from a Gutenberg block to use it as an element now?

    Around when do you plan to release 1.10?

    Customer Support

    Currently you cannot use code from Gutenberg block in Elements and our plan is to allow Gutenberg editor in Elements.

    Really no timeline for 1.10 as for now unfortunately.

    Thanks for your patience!


    Gutenberg is heading towards full site edit, their plugin has this experiments where you can turn on full site edit. If I do that, can I use the code for Elements?

    Customer Support

    I don’t believe it would work but I haven’t tried it myself.

    Feel free to give it a go!


    I am confused a little. In your next version you want to enable Gutenberg for elements, right? That means in the current you have no Gutenberg support and you know that or you were mentioning the visual editing side?

    Customer Support

    I’m a little confused too.

    In your next version you want to enable Gutenberg for elements, right?

    That’s correct.

    That means in the current you have no Gutenberg support and you know that or you were mentioning the visual editing side?

    Not for the elements module but we do have full support for Gutenberg in posts and pages.

    Currently the elements module only supports the text editor.

    Does that answer your question or am I misunderstanding something?

    Let me know 🙂


    My goal is to replace most if not all plugins that output visual things like read more posts, social media icons, social sharing buttons, author bio, table of contents and many more with blocks instead plugins for performance and management reasons.

    Whatever you do I hope that you will make it compatible with what WordPress is doing with Gutenberg and their Full Site Editing experiment.

    I guess you already know that, but you can install the Gutenberg plugin as it is versions ahead from the built in WordPress Core editor version.

    After that you an activate Full Site Editing from their Experiments settings or something called like that.

    You can also install their plugin for Full Site Editing to see where things are heading.

    Whatever you do, please make sure GeneratePress is compatible which would secure and future proof it as if you make a system that goes against that WordPress direction and it be another builder, I predict it won’t last for long.

    See the links:





    If your elements support Gutenberg and they could be placed anywhere, including header, menu, sidebars, footers etc, it would make things much better.

    Also if your theme starts fully supporting Gutenberg Full Site Editing natively without issue I guess it would be even better.

    I ultimately think the goal for the WordPress team is to create a Wix and Squarespace alternative with drag and drop visual editing interface due to the market demand. Please makes sure you start supporting some of this Gutenberg in the same way so I can ditch plugins in favor of blocks and benefit for my performance, security, management, and more.

    Customer Support

    We are definitely paying close attention to Gutenberg and use it as much as possible with our theme and plugin development.

    Thanks for your inputs 🙂


    Any updates on where the new GeneratePress & GP Premium betas would be released so I can tests the insertion of Gutenberg elements?

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Read this: https://make.wordpress.org/core/2020/01/14/wordpress-5-4-planning-roundup/

    “Proposed WordPress 5.4 Scope

    The main goal for 2020 is full site editing via Gutenberg.”


    Are you looking to release a beta version that would support Gutenberg in Elements soon?

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