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[Support request] post header image & post feature image size issue

Home Forums Support [Support request] post header image & post feature image size issue

Home Forums Support post header image & post feature image size issue

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    I made a page header for single post only, and on the page header i chose “Add background image” and “full width” so that the feature image will be shown dynamically nicely on each post, i made the feature image size to 1800x450px, and on single post the image looks good.
    however, on the homepage i am showing recent post with elementor, and the thumbnail size there is showing badly because of the full width feature image that is in the single post header (1800×450).

    is there a way to separate the single post header image and the post feature image? cause now feature image is served as for both and it’s look bad..

    i know i can create page header for each post but i rather find a smart solution…

    waiting for your kindly reply

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    I’m not sure what you mean?

    Maybe create a specific page header just for the home page?

    If this doesn’t help, can you link me to the specific pages with the problems?



    ok here is the issue, please look at my site:
    if you scroll down you will see blog post called “SVG בוורדפרס – הכיצד?”
    now if you click on that post you will get to here:

    as you can see inside the post there is an full width image, this image is feature image for the post, i made the image in photoshop to be 1800x450px

    before all that i set a new page header called “single post” and under “global location” i set in “Post Types – Single” > post, the “single post” header. inside the page header i use this options:–header.jpg
    as you can see from the image, the “Add background image” is on, this options takes the feature image of the post and make it to be background image(correct?) and with the full width turned on, the image is stretched full width like in this post here:

    but the issue is that when i show the recent posts on the homepage, see this image:
    you can see the image i marked in red, since the feature image is made 1800x450px to be inside the post as full width, in the recent posts is not appear correctly…

    is there a workaround so i can still put inside the post the feature image as a full width, ans still get the recent post thumbnail to look good with a good proportion?

    i hope i was clear enough

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    I’m not sure it’s possible to work around this I’m afraid. GP needs to use the featured image, and it needs to be large to cover an area that big.

    The only way to fix this would be to resize the image on the home page using Elementor, as that’s how you’re displaying the posts. I’m not sure if Elementor has an option to do that however.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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