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    Good day,

    I currently have two widgets in my header. I need the first one (at the top) to be positioned to the far right, and I need the second one to be positioned completely left directly next to the logo, as well as center in line with the logo.

    I am not sure how to position these items individually.

    Please assist.

    Thank you. 🙂


    David Customer Support

    Hi there,

    could i suggest you move the Widget containing the Phone / Email to the Top Bar – this will place it where you need it.

    Then add this CSS to your site:

    @media (min-width: 769px) {
        .inside-header {
            display: flex;
            flex-direction: row-reverse;
            justify-content: flex-end;
            align-items: center;
        .header-widget {
            margin-left: 2em;




    Perfect! Thank you so much David.


    David Customer Support
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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