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    I would like to build a Portfolio.
    As Photographer, my images are organized my Categories and SubCategories.
    I already use a Blog (in generatepress) into which I display my recents articles.

    So I don’t want to merge my blog & portfolio.
    Then I’ve bought WP Shows Posts Pro.

    I realize it manages “only to show posts” (like its named).
    Then I understand I need to create new Post Type, and then to be able to create a Post for every Image I want to add in my Portfolio (by adding the right Featured Image).

    1) I’m looking for the perfect combination plugin or method to achieve my aim with WP Shows Posts Pro.
    I guess there is no anymore need to hard code the portfolio-single.php / portfolio-archive.php templates since I use WP shows Posts Pro right? it also means that WP Shows Posts Pro can manage the Portfolio’s diaplay feature right?

    2) In my Media library, images are already well documented (title, tag, etc.)
    I would like to reuse these data to automaticly complete the Portfolio Post fields, Tag, content, meta etc. from its Featured Image. Is there any method or plugin solution to achieve that? Maybe WP Shows Posts Pro already get this feature?
    Or maybe there is a more directly way to add/use media into a custom Type Post? I’m not sure if Custom Post Type UI or Pods – Custom Content Types and Fields plugins would fit my aims, would they? And are they lightweight? To be honest I’m a bit confused, I’m looking for a lightweight solution improving my workflow and robust in long term view. I don’t want to overcharge my GP with recurrent features.

    3) To avoid SEO duplicate content, do I need to avoid index for new Portfolio post type or avoiding index for media original path?



    I am not a support person here, and new to GP and WP Show Posts, but I am a photographer that has been through many different setups over the last 12 years. I am setting up my custom portfolios using GP, WPSP, and Pods, and then plan to use Elementor for my pages.

    I do not recommend creating a new post for each photo in a custom post type.

    First, determine the purpose for the portfolio
    1. Displaying your best work
    Use a custom post type for your portfolios, and a custom post for each portfolio (not photo), and add the photos related to that portfolio in a gallery using either the generic gallery or a plugin like Meow Gallery. Make sure the images show up in the xml sitemap for the portfolio post for SEO optimization. Some gallery plugins do not play well with Yoast SEO. Take time to add Title/Description/Alt-Tags for all of your images. Make the titles SEO rich.
    REMEMBER: Words rank – Not Photos
    Take a look at WP/LR Sync from Meow Apps for managing photos between Lightroom and WordPress, then look at Meow Gallery and Meow Lightbox for displaying galleries. There are many different options for displaying.

    2. Selling Fine Art
    A. You can use NextGen Gallery Pro to sell from your site, and after testing just about every solution, this is the best WordPress solution. Woocommece is a mess with photos. Envira Gallery is really more for display, not selling. Sunshine Photo Gallery is also an option depending on the level of price lists you need. The cons to NGG-Pro include slowing your site down, and photo storage as your galleries grow. They are working on lab integration to be rolled out later this quarter. As long as you are not looking for large volumes of photos, NGG-Pro may work for you. I do not like how it does not have a separate Alt-tag field, and creates separate media uploads folders outside of the standard Media structure.Sunshine Gallery does this too.
    B. Sell from Fine Art America, and embed a shopping cart on your website. The embed is not pretty, so us this for selling, and pretty portfolios for display.

    3. Event work
    If you want to sell event type work, I recommend using a photo sharing site such as Pixieset/ShootProof/Zenfolio/SmugMug instead of your website. I recently abandoned NextGen Gallery Pro due performance issues, storage requirements, and it crashing my site after the last update. I just left Smugmug after 12 years, and am currently using Pixieset instead of NGG Pro for event work.

    I hope this helps.


    Hi Dee,

    Thanks you soo much for this complete answer so rich in information.
    That helps me so much ! I can’t find good words to define how much that really help me (because I’m not native english), but so far..
    In fact since I’ve bought GP Pro and find this forum, I get so much experience in WP.
    Now I’ve bought WPSP, it open my minds into possibilties and gives me a lot more knowledge and need to find out more points in WP.

    Thanks Generatepress to exist, because this place is also a dedicated Course and that so nice.

    So to resume,
    1) I’m going to use the combo GP Pro + WPSP + PODS + Meow Gallery.
    2) I also cancel the crazy idea to create 1 post per image
    Thanks so much for that.

    However I’m not sure about the next:
    How to organize my images. I understand that at the moment WP offers this options to classify a Post Type:
    * Tag
    * Category
    * SubCategory

    3)Could you advice me some efficient organization?

    I would love to create one private place for my valuable customers where they could find some Portfolios. And also to display some public portfolios.
    At the moment I don’t plan to sell with my website.
    I guess PODS would able to increase possibility.

    4) Do you reuse the structural’s logical of Lightroom (Categories/Catalog)? Automaticly or Manualy ?

    5) Have you achieve to pass some EXIF datas into WP ?

    6) About security, I use WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click. Do you integer this kind of feature in your process?

    7) Do you have solution for 360Β° / virtual tour ?

    8) About Video, do you also integer Video in Portfolio Post Type or You create a specif Post Type ? How to display them embed or store?

    Ok so I don’t know how can I return your some helps.. but about Elementor & Page Speed I maybe can add some comments :(because you’ve mentionned it)… to be honest I’m really addict of speed optimization.

    I also use Elementor.. to be honest I tend to desactivate all widget/feature and replace them by the only widget TEXT (I don’t even use Button or Title widget elementor), without using CSS Elementor param (I only use the CSS param for blocks) combining with Simple CSS I think that is best practice (later I’ll switch to Gunterberg maybe).
    My plan is to desactivate “Elementor PRO” (and keep Elementor free) as soon as possible in quest of loading optimisation. Killing any font or woff2 I find of my website.
    Now my process is: I build my site with Elementor (to quick design it) and then I optimize it. I replace CSS from Elementor params by Simple CSS coding, per page. then my website is 100% google page speed πŸ˜€

    I also tend to use SVGs inline for icons instead of png/woff2, so I’m looking for “pure plugins” where Icons are not the terrible FONT AWESOME connexion or local request xD (as much as possible xD).
    I would love to find a gallery image using SVGs inline for display icons (like arrows etc.)
    can’t wait the next GP theme version in which they are going to delete the call to generatepress.woff2 to generate icons !! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ yeahhhhhhhh

    Hope to see you soon Dee !


    Glad I could help.

    3)Organization is dependent on your website. I am replacing my current theme that is slow, 4 years old, and not being maintained, so have not got to this part of my new website design.
    But Categories and Tags are for posts, so not necessarily for specific images.
    Categories should be few and used for organization, and tags for search
    You can add specific taxonomy to your custom post types which are separate from the post categories and tags, and you could add keywords as one of them .
    4) I structure my collections within WP/LR Sync under Published as my website needs. Not all of my images go to my website

    5)EXIF goes with the image upload, and Meow Gallery/Lightbox will display it. You can define what data gets pulled from Lightroom and populates your WP metadata Look here.

    6)I used the watermarking with NGG Pro before, but need to take care of my images since not using NGG Pro anymore. Now I watermark as I upload since I am not selling from my site.

    7) I store my custom 360 tours in a folder on my website, and serve via iframe. While better for SEO, I do not recommend using your wordpress website folders for storing custom 360 tours, as they start to really eat up space. I am planning to add a storage solution on another server to minimize the size for storage I need for my main site. Example: You can see I still have clean up related to NGG Pro on this page.

    8) Video is just included as an embed as needed, and not a specific post type.

    I too am trying to stay away from plugins as well as page builder, but I will determine that when I get to the pages part of my design.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Thanks so much for helping, Dee! Love seeing the community come together like this πŸ™‚


    NP Tom. Glad I could help


    Hey !
    Thanks you so much again !
    Last point we did not speak about is how to managing Files / Media easly.
    I can imagine that you also have a good idea on this point since you should managing many files.
    Do you use a dedicated plugin?


    There is an option from within Meow wp/LR Sync Settings Features to enable active filters and explorer.
    This will allow you to see, and easily filter all of your wp/lr sync folders from the Media page.
    Try to use wp/lr sync for all of your images to keep them organized so they will not end up in the large pot of media files with out organization.

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