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    Hi Guys, on the pivot theme, in your gallery (site libary), on the front page of the theme, there is a middle section that says “jump start your next… etc”, but under it, there are two columns (each column with feature service).

    (1) How do I add featured services like how you have it
    (2) on your example, you have only two featured services, followed by a “learn more” button. How do I have, lets say, FOUR featured services (two in each column), and then a learn more button under it?



    Sorry guys, I found it, it’s the home page PAGE. But for some reason, when I edited it, all the formatting went heywire!


    please help


    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    The content part of Pivot is actually from Beaver Builder Pro so you will have to edit that using the plugin.

    Pro version of Beaver Builder is required to see the full content/layout.

    Let me know if this helps πŸ™‚


    Hi Leo,
    SERIOUSLY? Why would I need to buy a plugin to use your themes???

    (1) Can I modify using the free version of Beaver?
    (2) What premium themes does GP have which I DO NOT need to buy a pro version fo another plugin!?


    Sorry Leo, my bad. I see on the GP website the categories “page builder” and “no page builder”

    Sorry, didn’t mean the excessive use of capitals. This was my mistake



    Leo… quick question. For the beaver builder plugin. Can the standard paid version suffice, or do you need the more expensive pro version!?

    Customer Support

    (1) Yes you can use the free BB. You will just lose all content that comes with the pro version.

    (2) Most of the Elementor sites are using the free version. It would usually say in the description:

    I’m not familiar with how many tiers of BB are out there. But the author of Pivot stated Beaver Builder Pro.


    Hi Kunal,

    I was facing the same issue, read your question in the hope to get some answers, before solving. But answers provided were not what I was looking for. Cuz it simply doesn’t make sense to buy a premium theme and professional version of beaver builder, just to do some basic editing.

    Here’s how to do it:

    When you want to edit an element, click on “+” symbol, just left to “Done”. Select “Text Editor” from “basic” and drag that to your field.

    Voila, you have an editable option in that field now. You can now add different columns of your choice to that.

    Let me if that works for you. πŸ™‚

    Feel free to ask any more questions in the same thread.

    Customer Support

    Thanks for helping out πŸ™‚

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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