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    I am having the same issues. things are definitely noticeably slow but the reports I get include the following:

    – This page has 33 external javascript files, Try combining them into one.
    – This page has 24 external stylesheets. Try combining them into one.
    (not sure how the hell you can even combine them if they are from different sources but still… I’ve never seen this before)

    there are other warnings and I know some are due to plugins which I have no control over but in general, I try not to use javascript if I can help it… but the stylesheets look excessive.

    A chunk of them come up as being related to he GP core. Is that possible?

    I’m trying ot see how I can reduce using certain plugins so that will definitely help (with the javascript stuff)… but the stylesheets are in multiples –> regular css & compiled sass. :/

    Cristo Rey

    I get the same messages, but I think it is immaterial. In actual practice my site loads lightning fast, imho, and all those pages speed issues don’t seem to exist. Of course, I am no expert, but like I said I have no problems with my site loading.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    combining css/js may have side effect in many case.
    many cache plugin such as WpRocket has it but I usually don’t use it.

    I rather recommend http/2 if your server is http/2 capable.
    http/2 has ability to send multiple request at once, that make combining css/js obsolete.
    Also https that is required for http/2 is now mostly basic setup needed for every site.
    LetsEncrypt let you use https for free.


    Hi, today I have purchased Generate Press premium as suggested by a person experiencing huge benefits in her site speed. I have been dealing with site speed for some time now and decided to give Generate Press ago. Unfortunately, it didn’t really resolve my problem just yet and I would love some suggestions to reach an awesome site speed.
    My site speed with Pingdom is now 2.74 and GT Metrix is a shocking 4.2 seconds.

    I have extreme site speed options including with my hosting and the following plugins in WordPress activated:
    All in one SEO
    All in one WP migration
    Classic editor
    Contact form 1
    Cookie Notice
    GP Premium
    Insert headers and footers
    Simple author box
    WP product review lite.

    This is a link to my website in case that is helpful http://www.justcutebabyclothes.com

    I am looking forwards to your suggestions, support is muchly appreciated.

    Have a great day.

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    looking at GTMetrix using a Sydney server the site loads in 4.0s.
    The major issues i see are:

    Image file sizes – they account for over 2mb of the 2.4mb page size.
    I would recommend optimizing those images on your desktop, and re-uploading them. You should be able to reduce their indivdual image sizes to below 50kb each.

    Time to first byte – of the 4.0s load time, 1.2seconds is the the time your server spends responding to the initial user request.

    You may want condsider reducing the posts per page to a smaller number to improve things further.

    Other then that its looking good.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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