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    I am using GP Premium. I have created a main menu with a number of pages. My home page is designated on main menu as “Blog”. I have tis page set to recent posts and not static. Today I updated my About page, this post appeared on my Blog page and linked to my About page. I then began using Elementor, I updated my Canucks page and made a post, one post links to the proper page, another post created and new page. What am I doing wrong. Thanks

    GP Premium 1.5.6
    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    I’m not quite sure what you mean.

    Can you make sure the home page displays setting in Dashboard > Settings > Reading is set at latest post?


    I will try and clear up my description. On my main page which is labelled as “Blog” on the main menu, I have three new postings, two “Canucks” and one “About”. The postings when clicked take you to the following pages…

    About Posting – Goes to the About Page
    One of the two Canucks posting – Goes to the Canucks Page
    The other Canucks Posting – Goes to a “Canucks 2” page that I did not create

    I would like all my main page postings to go to their respective pages, as seen in the About and Canucks postings. If you click the links you will then see what I mean.

    I have my main page set to postings and not static.

    Does this help…


    Additionally, your request…I am set to latest post…

    > Settings > Reading is set at latest post

    Customer Support

    I removed the second post, manually redirected the Game Night post. Still not sure what I did wrong, but I know if I make a second Canucks post, this new post will create a Canucks 2 page. I want to be able to post partials on the main page, when the partial post is clicked on, it takes the visitor to the appropriate page where all the new and older relevant post will be listed. I am not sure if I should be categories instead of pages…frustrating…

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    First off, I’m a massive Canucks fan.

    Ok, into the question 🙂

    Adding a second post will add a second page for that post. Are you saying it shows up in the menu when you add it?

    If so, have you created a menu and set the theme location in the menu builder?: https://docs.generatepress.com/article/using-the-wordpress-menu-builder/


    Besides the layout I selected GP Premium cause you are located in Victoria. I am in Delta, Ladner specifically, and my son is in Langford likely very close to you, just felt right. Canucks fan, sure am, die hard…

    Now my problem is likely my not understanding how a blog reacts to a posting. I post an excerpt on the on the main page and i wanted the full article to be on the Canucks page. For example, you see an excerpt post, click the post and it takes you to the full article. If you click the menu link at the top, it wold take you to my Canucks page and the article would also be there.

    I have had time to rethink this, and understand the main page excerpt will create its own page. I guess what I want is for readers to be able to go to my Canucks page and see excerpts to all Canucks posts, new and old…does this make sense now.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    So my understanding is this:

    1. Your home page would be set as your “posts page”, set in “Settings > Reading”.

    2. In your navigation, you would add a “Canucks” category – this category will automatically display all posts set to that category.

    That way, when you click “Canucks” in the navigation, it will take them to the category page, which displays all of the posts in that category.

    Then if you click the title (whether in the category or on the home page), it will take you to the full post.

    Does that make sense?

    Not a bad game tonight. I’m not a tanker, but Dahlin would be nice after a tough season.


    This makes sense I will try this today. Should I remove all the pages I created for the topics to be covered.

    Not a bad game, the Canucks competed all night against a good team. This team, despite the points being the same or worse than last year, is better and fun to watch. I believe if the team, management and owners don’t blink this team is setting the rebuild to be successful. If they blink we end up like the Oilers. Hope they sign Vanek back in the off season, he’s a smart veteran that can tutor Boesar and company in the seasons ahead.


    Ok, removed all the pages and replaced with categories, this has worked and has given me a better understanding of how blogs, pages etc work…

    Can I place a thumbnail of images in the excerpt

    Thanks a Bunch!!!

    Customer Support

    Not quite sure what you mean?

    If you want the images from the posts to show up from excerpt, you will need to use the more tag as WordPress strips all HTML in excerpt by default.

    If this doesn’t work can you open a new topic so we can mark the current one resolved?


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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