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    I know it’s not GP’s fault because I’ve tried other themes and disabled plug-ins, but I’m hoping you might have some ideas. I have a site which is inside a folder at the root level, because it’s not finished yet. If I dial up the site it takes at least 10 seconds to load, which seems like forever. If I dial up the site at the root level, written in Drupal, the site just pops up. I’ve asked my host and his advisors for help but get nowhere. The site has good ratings from pingdom and I have three plug-ins that should speed things up but don’t. These are Async JavaScript, Autooptimize and W3 Total Cache.

    Would appreciate any advice at all. Here are the addresses for both the fast and slow sites.
    Fast-loading: http://www.dartmouthplayers.ns.ca
    Slow-loading: http://www.dartmouthplayers.ns.ca/new

    GeneratePress 2.0.1
    GP Premium 1.5.6

    Tom Lead Developer

    The site is actually loading really fast for me.

    You’re also getting sub-1 second times on Pingdom: https://tools.pingdom.com/#!/bPbZC2/http://dartmouthplayers.ns.ca/new/



    Thanks for your reply.

    I just tried the site and it took 12 seconds. This seems very slow to me, much slower than other sites on the same computer. I’ve been getting fast scores on Pingdom too, but very slow speeds on the site. I’ve tried different computers in different locations. Site sometimes loads fast but mostly it’s in the range of 10-12 seconds.


    Tom Lead Developer

    You’ve tried on different internet connections? You can try the different server locations in Pingdom as well. It’s near impossible to find the issue if we can’t get it to happen with a tool like Pingdom or GT Metrix. Those tools give us a waterfall which will pinpoint the bottleneck.



    Thanks for your reply. If you go here you’ll see the waterfall I’m getting: https://tools.pingdom.com/#!/eBhs3k/dartmouthplayers.ns.ca/new

    I get a high score, about 95, from the New York server but this morning the page took a full 15 seconds to load. The waterfall shows a two-second lag for HTML and other very small lags for plug-ins and your theme. The site is located within a folder at the root level. Do you think moving the site to the root level will speed things up?


    Tom Lead Developer

    I don’t think that should matter. I can’t get anything close to 15 seconds on your site using any of the tools, so it’s really hard for me to know what’s going on I’m afraid.

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