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    Hi there,

    i have to change some page headers on a clients website i made years ago.
    in page headers are only 2 of all the headers left !
    when i activated elements in Generate Press and go to legacy headers, wordpress tell me that elements create an error and that i have to delete it.

    then i installed a 4 months old backup, to check if the headers are still there, but also there the page headers are already gone !

    how can i get back my headers to edit them ???! … my client is waiting !!!



    PS: when i activated elements, also there were only 2 page headers shown

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    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    I’m not sure I understand. What error did you receive, exactly?

    When you go to your Legacy headers, it’s missing some of them?


    there are only 2 headers of 14.
    When i activate elements, then also in legacy headers are only these 2 headers left – all the others are gone

    i received an error info from wordpress, where they told me that there are problems with jetpack and with elements… i deactivated jetpack but nothing changed.

    i have no idea how to find the headers, so that i can change them. And i also don’t know since when they are gone because there were so many updates since i made the website. they have been in the menu “Page Headers” all the time and when i saw today that there are only 2 now, i activated elements and looked in legacy headers, but also there were only these 2 … and then the page crashed and i received the error message.

    here is the error message from wordpress – in german, because the page is in german:


    Besuche deine Website xxx und überprüfe sie auf sichtbare Probleme. Besuche als nächstes die Seite, auf der der Fehler aufgetreten ist xxx und prüfe, ob es sichtbare Probleme gibt.

    Bitte kontaktiere dein Hosting-Unternehmen, um Unterstützung bei der weiteren Untersuchung dieses Problems zu erhalten.

    Wenn du Hilfe bei diesem Problem suchst, wirst du möglicherweise nach einigen der folgenden Informationen gefragt:
    WordPress-Version 5.4.1
    Aktuelles Theme: GeneratePress (Version 2.4.2)
    Aktuelles Plugin: Jetpack by WordPress.com (Version 8.6.1)
    PHP-Version 7.2.31

    Ein Fehler vom Typ E_USER_ERROR wurde in der Zeile 34 der Datei /mnt/web405/b2/75/5430375/htdocs/WordPress_03/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/require-lib.php verursacht. Fehlermeldung: Cannot find a library with slug tracks/client.

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    Lead Developer

    GP Premium itself doesn’t have any code in it to remove Page Headers, as we kept the Elements update completely backward-compatible, which is why you can still access the Legacy Page Headers area.

    Does your host provide backups? If so, it may be worth restoring a recent version to see if your page headers come back.

    That Jetpack error doesn’t look to be related to GP/GPP: https://github.com/Automattic/jetpack/issues/3697


    now i really have a BIG problem – i tried to restore the page with an old backup and now the website is gone !!!

    wordpress said there is a critical error on the website !!!


    ok – i was talking with my hosting company.

    we tried a backup from november 2019 – then from jan. 2020 – then a backup from march 2020
    and a backup from 1 week ago.

    in ALL backups the headers are already gone !

    the guy from the hosting company said, he thinks they disappeared with an update – a wordpress or theme update.
    well, whatever – they are gone and i am upset, because i have to create 12 new headers now.

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    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    Who are you hosted with?

    Neither a WordPress or theme update could remove your page headers. If they did, this forum would have a lot of topics on it. Deleting posts (or page headers) in WordPress takes very specific code that someone would have to specifically write out to delete the specific page header post type.


    Hi Tom,

    this website is hosted by Strato. Whatever, nobody did anything on this website. i just made the updates of the theme and the plugins over the last years and now the headers are gone and nobody can tell me why. The host knew from the changes in Generate Press from “Page Headers” to “Elements” and that’s why he thinks something went wrong when doing this theme update.

    Well, nevermind – i will recreate all the headers.

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    Lead Developer

    Very strange, sorry for the inconvenience!

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